How I styled My Over sized Blazer

Happy New month everyone,finally its Friday,meaning that we are stepping into the weekend. I’m usually not so excited about weekends since its not like  I  get to do any thing adventurous apart from work on creating content for this space(BORING RIGHT),how I  stay creative while is something I already shared here just incase you want to get some motivation. Continue reading “How I styled My Over sized Blazer”

Fashion》The Staple Brown Suit

Earthy colors have become one of my go to colors lately,I believe most men have the regular blues,grey,black and white jackets in thier wardrobe or at least one or two of the above but have you ever thought of investing in a brown suit?No?well I put it to you today that its the next color that will be flooding the air this season,infact it already has.See how many people wore it: Continue reading “Fashion》The Staple Brown Suit”

WCW》Sara Donaldson x Blue Stripes

So today I’m just going to drop a quick one with my Woman crush for y’all ,remember when I talked about stripes in my last style post here ,I’ve also styled  blue stripes and loosed Denim pants in this post but today I’m focusing on just the blue stripes,and in Saras words I’ll say “stripes and denim are that effortless go-to combo you can reach to time and time again”this is so true. Continue reading “WCW》Sara Donaldson x Blue Stripes”

Brands》I boxed My Gafa Sandals

A merry Friday to all of you.Im not always excited about Fridays because they are just like normal days to me if you know what I mean “anti-social fella alert “it’s so bad that I don’t even know how to even play indoor games like whot and monopoly *smh*.l Continue reading “Brands》I boxed My Gafa Sandals”

Style》Mondays are Tie Days

photography by:Victor viceroy

It’s been almost two months since I started my internship at the Mastermind studios incase you missed out on all the happenings you can catch up on it here and here and very soon I’ll be off to some place ,I’ll tell you where when the time is right.How have you been tho?fine?well great.

Continue reading “Style》Mondays are Tie Days”