Green Glory by The Fabric Hub

Photography by:@thewedding4tographer

The year 2019 started with me saying a lot about growth, peace, and change but I forgot to include that my style was also going to evolve init. I’ve not been a huge fan of wearing Kaftans/native attires and that’s only because I’m the type that “goes hard or goes home” if you know what I mean.

In today’s post I’m featuring a fashion brand I’ve come to really love in a short time not just cos they’re relatively affordable but The Fabric Hub has an amazing tailoring technique which for me is one of the most important things.

@thefabrichubng offers not only tailoring services but they also have fabrics available in their showroom so you can just walk in, pick a fabric of your choice, receive consultations, get your measurements taken and voila!! You’re already back for your fittings. They did such a great job with my outfit that it didn’t even need any adjustments.

I styled the outfit with cufflinks from Mont blanc, a broche from alixepress, a green cap, a pocket square, leather strap watch from Micserah and brown shoes from zara. See how accessories can switch up something plane to look more stylish…I did that.

Will I be wearing more kaftans? Hell yeah!! and you can definitely check out @thefabrichubng on the gram and thank me after. See you in my next post.



A 2018 Christmas Gift Guide || For Him

Hey guys!! it’s the holidays again and also that time of the year when we get to spend time, share and exchange gifts with our friends and loved ones. I’m not so big on gifting but this Christmas I really just want to get some gifts for my friends and family to show them how much I appreciate them for all they’ve done to support me and for just being amazing. Continue reading “A 2018 Christmas Gift Guide || For Him”


Photography by: EJIKE MANNY

A phrase we’re all very much familiar with is this ” focus on your focus” one and as many times as it’s being used I doubt people understand what it actually means. I jumped on it not because it was a so called social media lingua or trend but because I started to tell myself silently especially in those moments when I felt all the noise and distractions were starting to get to much, well of course all thanks to social media and people constantly coming up with “new new”.

Kuyetbamai holding a magazine and camera

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My New Love for Chronograph Watches || Miscerah Silver Tank

Photography by Ejike Manny

Back in the day I always wondered what the deal was with watches that had 3 circles in them and those never even worked. I remember getting myself one of those fake heavy ones and felt so cool about myself lol.

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Photography by:EJIKE MANNY

We all have those days when all we do is run errands or just go on casual visits which may not really require so much dressing up especially when you’re not extra at all. For me, I usually plan my day the night before so I can decide whether or not I want to show up for a meeting looking casual or smart, most times I’m somewhere in between but the best way to keep an outfit simple is to take off one Item after you’re done dressing up which for me was the tie. It could have been the hat, the waist coat or both but somehow I dropped the tie.