STYLE || Dressing up for a bloggers event

When you get invited for a bloggers event you start to think “what do I wear” well thats the case for all of us, but my simple hack to this is to go corporately casual, I know style is personal and casual or dressy is relative as it varies from person to person so you just need to trust your instincts, don’t go over board or try to figure out a theme for the event you;re going for.  Continue reading “STYLE || Dressing up for a bloggers event”


STYLE || FASHION POLICE ( Another waist coat tale)

Happy weekend guys!! It’s another style post today, not weekend post which I’ll probably do tomorrow but first did you read last post? You better do that by Clicking here before you even read this one. Continue reading “STYLE || FASHION POLICE ( Another waist coat tale)”

WEEKENDS || Another Weekend Tale

Hello there, it’s been almost 2 weeks since I last posted here, I’ve actually been terrible at keeping up with this space I mean no posts, no editing side bars and footers and all that………it’s actually just my unserious lazy ass always procrastinating but that stops today, yes today. Continue reading “WEEKENDS || Another Weekend Tale”

Slaying on Weekends

Yes weekends are relaxed and chilled for most of us except when weddings or event duties call. My typical weekend is usually spent taking pictures for outfit post or creating content for my social media and the brands I’m working with at the time, oh except if some of my friends decide to show me some love by inviting me to hang out or something like that but even then I still appear casual. Continue reading “Slaying on Weekends”