Christmas look book || A collaboration with Demi Akin

Happy holidays everyone!! I can’t feel anything Christmasy yet tho but I definitely can’t wait for the gifts and chops to start rolling in.

This year I decided to do a lookbook at least something better than last year’s so I decided to make it even better by doing it with someone. You can say this is my first collaboration with a fellow blogger cause it is and I chose Demi because I felt it was about time to meet up and physically work with someone as creative and creative as she is especially after being online friends for almost a year now. It took a lot of  emails upon emails (on Demi’s side at least) from scouting for locations, getting the right clothing brands and what not. We eventually got a location and a time for the shoot, somewhere a little less busy and not too distracting (the hustle for locations in this country is something else.

Daytime look

So Demi of suggested we go for two looks: one for a formal daytime party and a dinner date, So for my first look I went for a v-neck, button down cashmere which gives that daddy looking feel then paired it with a white shirt and black pants with side lines to make it a little playful too. Demi had a white shirt on and a black fluffy skirt with red pointies and a matching purse. I loved this look for all the minimal reasons and how Demis’ look was unintentionally complimenting mine was another thing that made me realize how stylish people actually think alike, do you agree?

Date Night

We all have that special someone we would want to take out for dinner or maybe some Christmas ball or movie premier, whatever the occasion. This is how your lady should slay to a date night this season, a red dress always turns heads but a good looking man in a suit lights up the room too *winks*. A little bit of sophistication and elegance is never too much this season which is why the green blazer and christmas tie in this look makes it difficult for anyone to miss the theme I was going for.

What do you think about “dressing for the occasion?extra or cliché?

Thanks to Demi for doing all the hard work and @wizchibzy  for taking such amazing pictures and for helping me switch up my first look.

Happy Holidays guys.




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