Hello there, its almost a decade since we last linked up here hasn’t it? well I’ve been up and about the place as usual and its only normal for me to always explain why I was MIA but probably after this post you will understand why. Continue reading “Life || MY NYSC ROUNDUP”


A Getaway to the River Wonderful Waterfall

Happy new year guys, It’s the 2nd day of 2018 already, before you know it you’re gonna be staring at 2019 right in the face, so the sooner you make the right moves the better. Continue reading “A Getaway to the River Wonderful Waterfall”

Life || My 2017 in Retrospect

I can clearly remember drafting and publishing a recap post at about this same time last year (Read my 2016 in Retrospect here) and how I was ranting about the terrible reception at the time. Time flies right? I know, well here is all that went down as far as this blog is concerned in the year 2017, remember you can click on the blue highlighted text to read the full story so let’s dig in now shall we? Continue reading “Life || My 2017 in Retrospect”

The Perfect Christmas Gift Guide

It’s the season of love and sharing, sharing happiness, memories with family and loved ones. It’s also a time to show people how much you love and appreciate them by giving them something that would put a smile on their faces. Continue reading “The Perfect Christmas Gift Guide”