Collaboration||The kalakut cafe + A Giveaway

yo,whats good?your having an amazing day I guess,well I on the other hand had an awesome time yesterday,I mean legit awesome and you might already have a clue what I’m talking about don’t you,So I paid a visit to the famous kalakut cafe ,heard of it?well let me be the first to break you down for you just incase you haven’t heard about them shall we. Continue reading “Collaboration||The kalakut cafe + A Giveaway”


Documenting||Little moments with My Family

Home is where the heart is ,I agree completely,I dont know if I’ve mentioned before but I’ve been away from home ever since I got into college even the most part of my teenage days was spent away from home ,but bieng away from home after college was a decision I took,it was like one of those things you keep battling with and you keep asking yourself weather or not your doing the right thing or not but I told myself that this was what I had to do,for me to achieve my goal I had to pack my bags . Continue reading “Documenting||Little moments with My Family”

Places In Abuja》The laguru spa

Long time fellas,where did y’all disappear to?or was it me that left?lol.well I’m back with another review of yet another cool place in Abuja.I got an invite to visit the Laguru Spa about two month’s ago but unfortunately I missed the arranged date for the visit as I had to be at work ,but you can bet social media kept me on all that went down. Continue reading “Places In Abuja》The laguru spa”

Life lessons lately

Hey its almost the weekend!!!yay!!its the only time I get to spend some time with me,where I do all my personal work (blogging and creating content)and to also do some reflecting on certain things that have been happening or have happened in my life lately and today I’m going to be sharing just a little bit of that. Continue reading “Life lessons lately”