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IMG_0804 copyHey I’m Kuyet and its such an honor that your looking to work with me,well just for the fun of it i’ll reintroduce myself,im a lifestyle and fashion(mostly menswear and my personal style) blogger who is also into brand consulting,content creation and social media management  and Ive been blogging for like 20 months/a year and a half and ive been able to build my brand successfully in Nigeria,want read more about me?check here.


I can not flatter myself enough but yes Ive worked with a couple of brands ,Nigerian brands actually and i’m always excited to do so ,from lifestyle brands to fashion brands its been a success and I must say that most brands I work with actually come back to say “thank you” because I know how important it is for us to maintain a good online image hence I try to give my best by putting all the necessary efforts there is so here are some of the brands Ive worked with;

lifestyle brandsIMG_2250

1)Reflecion Beauty and Spa

2)Samsung Mobile Nigeria

3)Mr Pollo (food company)

Fashion brands_MG_0878-01

1)Gafa Sandals(shoe brand)

2)Kings clothing

3)Idiana Rose(eye wears)