This is the http://www.kuyetbamai.wordpress.com fashion and lifestyle blog where you find more than enough about the ups and downs in life and all the beautiful things it has to offer,further more you get to experience the fashion world,lifestyle,travels,events and more in whole new dimension,giving you all the help and inspiration that you need to keep you on the fab lane.

kuyetbamai was born and raised in kaduna state,he graduated from Ahmadu Bello University in 2016 where he studied mass communications  currently doing his National Youth Service (Nysc)in the city of Abuja  and still working as a content creator and brand promoter.With thousands of online following on instagram ,wordpress, and over 5000 monthly views on his blog Kuyet is one of the Nigerian  fashion and lifestyle bloggers that have evolved since he started blogging in 2015.

Kuyet has worked with so many brands in Nigeria(photographers,designers,stylists you name it) and has had several award nominations including the Nigerian Teens choice Awards as best fashion stylist of the year 2016,he was also recently featured on the Tinajowah blog as one of the top bloggers in the Capital ,he was also recently awarded as fashion blogger of the year by a Nigerian bloggers agency called Thebloggerpoint. kuyet is currently based in Nigeria has recently been working with so many lifestyle and fashion brands that fit  his style and aesthetics.



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