A 2018 Christmas Gift Guide || For Him

Hey guys!! it’s the holidays again and also that time of the year when we get to spend time, share and exchange gifts with our friends and loved ones. I’m not so big on gifting but this Christmas I really just want to get some gifts for my friends and family to show them how much I appreciate them for all they’ve done to support me and for just being amazing. Continue reading “A 2018 Christmas Gift Guide || For Him”



Over the weekend I made a stop by my favorite spot for some lemonade (cake hut) before my meeting and I decided to just have some fun with with my camera while I waited. It’s such an amazing feeling when you walk into a cool space and you’re allowed to use your camera freely especially a place like Abuja where cameras are next to bomb threats and you could literally be arrested if care isn’t taken. Continue reading “LEMONADES ARE PHOTOGENIC”


Photography by: EJIKE MANNY

A phrase we’re all very much familiar with is this ” focus on your focus” one and as many times as it’s being used I doubt people understand what it actually means. I jumped on it not because it was a so called social media lingua or trend but because I started to tell myself silently especially in those moments when I felt all the noise and distractions were starting to get to much, well of course all thanks to social media and people constantly coming up with “new new”.

Kuyetbamai holding a magazine and camera

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My New Love for Chronograph Watches || Miscerah Silver Tank

Photography by Ejike Manny

Back in the day I always wondered what the deal was with watches that had 3 circles in them and those never even worked. I remember getting myself one of those fake heavy ones and felt so cool about myself lol.

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