Life》The Second Half

Happy new month guys,Its July already and I can remember the month of January like it was just yesterday and how excited I was about the new year
(Remember how I was all about starting the year in style here).I had so many great expectations for the year 2017 and as  you already know this is my second year in blogging or as a blogger and its not been a long time but I feel like I’ve been doing this forever and at the same time I get to learn new things everyday from all sides Continue reading “Life》The Second Half”


Cheers to that

I’m sure I’ve been the worst person since the month of April but I promise to change my ways from today,however I hope you read my last post?I meant my last two posts ,one was on  Food and the other was to test your interest in books and trust me so many of you failed to read through or share ,why tho?anyways you can click here to read about the choices that make your talent more than just a talent. Continue reading “Cheers to that”