Style||The Boy and The City

Hello,Monday was a bliss I hope?Hope the rest of your week gets better.Last week I did a lot of hanging out in my new favorite spot ,The Oak Bar here in Abuja where I took the pictures from this post here .I teamed up with an amazing photographer Continue reading “Style||The Boy and The City”


style||Going colourful with the vintage shirt

It’s the 7th day of Christmas and I’m here with another style post ,it’s been long since I had style posts  following each other back to back right?Well a little about my week:I’ve been really busy with the Continue reading “style||Going colourful with the vintage shirt”

Style||”march” with style

Happy new month guys.I woke up into this new month with some good vibes which is why I feel I should start my march with style,I dont know about you but I just my slay this month.

DSC_0633.JPGiv always had a thing for shirts with with collars just like  this one,but the styling was quite tricky cos I felt I had to use a white trouser but funny enough the white isn’t really matter at all,at least for this particular look.DSC_0628.JPGDSC_0636.JPGyou might have been seeing some guys holding the purse thing lately yea,I use to find it creepy too but actually its quite cool especially when you get the one im using here its by Pinwei and it has some space to contain an ipad an other things you might want to put in it.I also used a brown belt and brown fedora,the fedora is almost like my signature accesory right now and I like it.PicsArt_02-22-07.28.10DSC_0648.JPGDSC_0652.JPGoh yes I have to give this small piece of info,my new brogues are actually hand made,I was initially praying for one before this one just came my way and I love the fact that its a mix of dark tarn and white.DSC_0654.JPGDSC_0660.JPGI was surposed to use a happy socks with this shoe but I couldnt get the perfect color for it but my black skin worked pretty well too dont you think?

photography  by;RYMBOXX

whats your opinion on the ‘purse’ trend for men?pls let me know your thoughts on this ensemble



Style||cardi gets swag

sup fellas,hey mamas ,wow wow wow,Im feeling proud of myself since its been just 3 days on a row and iv been consistent on this blog,I definitely got some help from the last post where I mentioned “time planning”its the reason Im all about action right now.I really wish you guys use to leave comments so i could know your thoughts on each post ,is very important to me you know.

Alright i wasn’t invited for this convocation that held some weeks ago ,most of my friends who were getting “convocated” decided to do it low key,lol.So i decided to get dressed in my white long line shirt and black denim which got stolen a day after,God save us all,so I decided to wear this cardigan I picked#borrowed from my friend brigs who happens to be a blogger too ,I just hope he doesn’t blog about it too.DSC_0425.JPGthe cardigan had this purple aztec like prints which was what gave me the suggestion of using my blue fedora hat which I got from @2pillz,u could dm her on instagram .I made sure the tail end of my shirt and the sleeves were visible ,you know why?its cos I was going to wear my white sneaks which I got on my birthday “the 23rd year”im not suggesting that it was compulsory for the ends to be all out but sometimes its good for you to play safe by matching the colors ,its exactly what I did,so by the time I wore the white shoe,it went perfectly wellPicsArt_02-20-02.23.17.jpgDSC_0419.JPGPicsArt_02-20-02.23.17you see what i mean,I was laughing hard in this pictures cos my friend mezee was making me feel so vain she makes me feel like that every other day.

it was an exciting day though ,I saw so many people wearing their convocation gowns which got me thinking about my own convocation,it will be like one of the happiest days of my life thats if the school decides to convocate us though.PicsArt_02-20-07.20.06.jpgIm starting to learn how to take pictures in very rowdy places and its pretty cool but some people do know how to stare a lot ,they make you loose your pose with a single starePicsArt_02-20-02.28.18.jpgshes the reson i was laughing so hard through out this shootDSC_0399.JPGso this is an outfit you could recycle anytime,you could wear different shoes or use a bag or a head warmer,or use shades,whatever is your poison tho,just make sure the cardi got swag tho.

Well thanx guys for reading this ,hope someone got some cardigan inspiration from this post,feel free to share your thoughts on this ensemble or tell me better ways you could style it .PicsArt_02-20-02.32.50.jpgDSC_0237[1].JPGBYE!!!!!


The Saturdays||JAEY

YO!!!Hope we are doing great today,hows the weekend kicking off?well mine is far from fun,i dont even wanna talk about it right now.

So from today I hope to be doing a weekend special which I choose to call THE SATURDAYS,dont have any ideas because its not promising to be here every weekend the “the saturdays”might contain some events,hangouts,or some special packages well how ever it goes you will get to see,I just hope you find it interesting though.

ok  so lets get right to it,the title for this one is “Jaey”,for those of you who follow me on instagram @kuyetbamai you will see that this name often comes in play especially when im giving photo credits,well the nigga just knows how to see through the lens like it was his eyes  and trust me when Jaey says the pic is dope then you can bet that even Ty Bello will say the same,wait you all know who TY Bello is yea?ohk cool,so shortly before my buddy Jaey decided to run off to the states we had a small photo moment at his crib where I played the role of photographer not stylist cos mos tof my friends just happen to not need my help when it comes to styleDSC_0155.JPGso he picked out this white nike tee and had it paired with a black short and some bling bling and a fedora hat to given it some dope apeal just to rub it on my

doing this shoot wasn’t quite easy cos he played the role of model and director all at the same time,so when I didnt get the shot right he will make sure I did it again and again and again until he said “ok I can work with that”yea hes that picky check his instagram and you will see what i mean @JAEYOGBEDSC_0170.JPGDSC_0211.JPGoh yes he is a fan of accessories amongst so many other things,this is something im trying to learn myself,especially after I was able to walk away with this ring from his collectionDSC_0101.JPGim yet to rock it properly thing I really admired about the whole time i spent on this shoot was how Jaey easily picked out what to wear,like in a split of a sec he had it all figured out already,I might have to take some time to finally decide but trust me the brother didnt waste no time at allDSC_0158.JPGDSC_0196.JPGplease clap for me ,myself and I for bieng a good photographer …….tanx this look can be for a weekend hangout or some  get together,turn up at a friends crib,night out pr a date with bae *winks*.DSC_0243.JPGDSC_0244.JPGDSC_0279.JPGI actually the coolest of the pictures in a tragic memory card crash,so sad .well this was basically the best of my pictures for real,so lets just say that im at my best when im taking orders from this nigga.

I hope to be consistent on this weekend special tho just to spice up my diary of events you once again im gonna say a big thanx to my best buddy for allowing me feature evem though he thought I forgot already.rememember you can check him out on instagram @JAEYOGBE.