As I grow older certain things become clear as crystal ,others become unacceptable,while some become more important but it takes a responsible me to be able to see things as they are meant to be and act when I’m surpposed to.When people talk of responsibility they usually relate it mostly to ones sense of maturity which is understandable. Continue reading “Life》Response-ability”


Modelling|| Ob’neal mens attire

YOO!!how has your week been?well mine has been just ok but quite stressing today im introducing a very important brand which happens to belong to a friend of mine and a new bie brand as well.So Obneal mens attire happens to be a male inspired brand at least for now and they offer nicely tailored traditional clothing’s for every modern Nigerian man who wants to keep it classy.DSC_0822.JPGDSC_0805.JPG


so i did my own personal styling of the only piece which happen to in my size from the collection which i had to pick from,i decided to go with the fedora hat sa usual and an olive green pair of tzers by dockers and my blue divers by Armani.I didnt find the styling difficult since the colours were not too much but just enough,its something i noticed about the pieces,they come in very calm color combinationsDSC_0735.JPGremember Rymboxx?he was my photographer here and here but this time he had to turn into my model,cool thing hugh.DSC_0809.JPGDSC_0821.JPGso if your intrested in meeting or buying from this brand then check their instagram for details @obnealmensattires or you can visit thier store at number 36 Durban street,Abuja.

well thats it on todays post,this brand is actually my latest fav so i recommend it.


Thanx for reading this guys.

photography by;IZEEK and RYMBOXX