Green Glory by The Fabric Hub

Photography by:@thewedding4tographer

The year 2019 started with me saying a lot about growth, peace, and change but I forgot to include that my style was also going to evolve init. I’ve not been a huge fan of wearing Kaftans/native attires and that’s only because I’m the type that “goes hard or goes home” if you know what I mean.

In today’s post I’m featuring a fashion brand I’ve come to really love in a short time not just cos they’re relatively affordable but The Fabric Hub has an amazing tailoring technique which for me is one of the most important things.

@thefabrichubng offers not only tailoring services but they also have fabrics available in their showroom so you can just walk in, pick a fabric of your choice, receive consultations, get your measurements taken and voila!! You’re already back for your fittings. They did such a great job with my outfit that it didn’t even need any adjustments.

I styled the outfit with cufflinks from Mont blanc, a broche from alixepress, a green cap, a pocket square, leather strap watch from Micserah and brown shoes from zara. See how accessories can switch up something plane to look more stylish…I did that.

Will I be wearing more kaftans? Hell yeah!! and you can definitely check out @thefabrichubng on the gram and thank me after. See you in my next post.



The Head Band-ana

Is this a style post? Well I’m just outchea trying to hide my barbers mistakes with a bandana but most people think it’s some new vibe, well it is but the real reason I started using a bandana on my head was just cover my bad front carving or you can choose to call them “insecure” reasons, lol its nothing deep really.

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style||Ralph Lauren x Denim 87

New week ,new plans.Hope we all had a splendid weekend guys?!!it’s almost the Christmas time of the year and we all know how it gets right ,I’m already trying to figure out a Christmas theme for the blog ,maybe I’ll get some inspiration when the time is right,and by the way have you been sharing  this blog posts with your friends ?well just copy and share on your social media or just use the share icons that come just below the post.img_3240img_3262

Today we are looking at me in a plain white shirt with botton down colars by Ralph Lauren paid with  blue pants by Denim 87,I wore this like once before but I felt it looked like some secondary school uniform so I didn’t really think of a style post but this last time I just liked the whole blue vibe especially with my new shades which I got recently.img_3252img_3277img_3325img_3269img_3322img_3327The Armani shoes worked well I think and as much as I hate to admit it i still admit that  this was me playing safe with the colors,i think its best you just enjoy the best of the way you can style yourself than trying to use a color scheme you can not handle but at the same time you need to step out of your comfort zone too sometimes.I’m not a fashion expert,at least not just yet but  I do know when I look a disaster.img_3242Do you think pairing with two colors is stylish enough?

what’s a more stylish way to wear the white Ralph Lauren shirt like this one?

lets comment and reply comments.

Have a great week !!!

pictures by :@itz_gadafi

life||Bieng Anti-Social

Hey guys !!hope we had a great week like mine?well ill tell you how my week went since this post was influenced by some of the things I came to discover about myself,as some of you know im rounding up with school ,yaay!!Im graduating in a .bit,so this week was our final year week which was funfilled with different activities like the sign out day,the corporate day,the cultural day and the shirt flying day where we got to wear our custom made shirt.


This was a week we all anticipated ,well I also anticipated it but when the time came I just lost all the vibes ,some people found it really disturbing knowing me to be someone who liked to laugh a lot ,some were not surprised when I didn’t show up for the sign up day since Im hardly at any events(iv never been to any actual parties)I managed to escape the first day after giving some silly excuses like me not having a white shirt and all.

Then the corporate day was quite comfortable for especially when I heard it was going to involve an interactive session with our lecturers, just so you know ,I actually love listening to words of wisdom from people who have been on the same path I’m on,so the day two was a must go for me and I learnt a lot especially the part where most of the lecturers emphasized on how we should discover our talents and build on them.whats your talent?You need to discover yourself so as to be able to stand whatever surprises might come in the way.

Day three was the cultural day but I missed that too cos I had some other projects to work on,yea ill tell you all about that when the time is right,but I heard I was very interesting ,infact one of my friends was almost mad at me for being unavailable,infac he asked me why I was socially isolating myself,and I said nothing cos really guys,im anti-social,iv been nominated for about 4 awards this year but I didn’t attend any for both the finances and the anti-social thing in me that wont let me loosen up,I don’t know if its normal for a blogger to be anti-social but im working on becoming a better social being and it started today during the shirt flying,I danced and made a lot of noise,hey im a terrible dancer too.but I had fun ,a whole lot of fun,I realized how much I was going to miss  my mates and how much they were going to miss me was initially having conflicting thoughts about my final year dinner bu right now im looking forword to  it with so much anticipation.


I wore this play shirt on a Friday afternoon when I was to meet up with My friend Sam,a new friend I met when I  was on set ,he was one of the photographers.ive had this shirt for almost 2 years now but I always wore it casually but this time I decided to add a little something just to make it look put together,so I paired the port luise shirt with navy blue pants and a fedora hat,yea ill soon stop the hat thing,hopefully.i had to roll the sleeves cos the shirt was not exactly in my size.IMG-20160801-WA0014


That’s it on my anti-social life and a little style post.thanks for reading this guys.

whats your take on people that are anti-social?do you think its a good or a no no thing?lets talk.


style||The power of a denim jacket

morning from this other side,its been only 9 days since my last post and i must confess that the last few days have been quite interesting you know,so i got nominated for the Ngerian teens choice awards as fashion stylist .well recently lv learnt to celebrate the little victories and im really excited about it,im not talking about winning yet tho but you can can follow the gist on twitter #ntca2016.

so todays post is about the Denim jacket,one very important item i will recommend for every man who wants to save himself some “bad shirt days”you know what a bad shirt day looks like yea,that moment when your not sure if the shirt is in size,or maybe you couldnt do your ironing,or maybe some stain or some other stuff which might definitely need to be hidden a lil bit,well yes a denim jacket works just fine almost anytime.well ive been able to style my denim jacket which im going to be sharing with you guys the 3 ways i was able to style my denim jacket.

casual daysDSC_1143.JPGthis was the first denim post i did on the blog ,it was a casual look where i paired the jacket with a tank top just so i dont have to expose my skinny arms and it gve the outfit that extra touch of youthfulness too,hey im just 23 so im allowed to call me a youth aint i?

formal look 

another magic a denim jacket does is that once you use the right accessories you can give it a formal look,like here i used a collar broshe and a pocket square ,so the Denim jacket was like a replacement for a suit jacket which I felt was going to make me look over dressed if I wore it for the event I was going for that day.

on a cold day

on third note I styled my denim jacket with this play shirt,someone called it a tatarn shirt once,I wore it for colds sake,keeping your cold days classy you might wanna use a denim too.

I think I’m enjoying the fact that my recycle power is getting stronge like real quick.well this is my little denim experience tho.

are there other ways you can style your denim jacket? do you own a denim jacket? please get one I personally just ordered for one myself 

well thanKS for reading guys.Bye!!!