Life lessons lately

Hey its almost the weekend!!!yay!!its the only time I get to spend some time with me,where I do all my personal work (blogging and creating content)and to also do some reflecting on certain things that have been happening or have happened in my life lately and today I’m going to be sharing just a little bit of that. Continue reading “Life lessons lately”

Life》The Second Half

Happy new month guys,Its July already and I can remember the month of January like it was just yesterday and how excited I was about the new year
(Remember how I was all about starting the year in style here).I had so many great expectations for the year 2017 and as  you already know this is my second year in blogging or as a blogger and its not been a long time but I feel like I’ve been doing this forever and at the same time I get to learn new things everyday from all sides Continue reading “Life》The Second Half”

Style》Denim repeat

Hello pal,whats been happening?I know you know that I havnt posted in a while cos Ive been busy moving from one drill to the next at the NYSC orientation camp meaning that I’m now a corp member ,I’ll save the details for another day but thats just incase you were wondering where I’ve been this whole time. Continue reading “Style》Denim repeat”

A work space can help too

Hey!!!How did your weekend go?well mine was ok tho I had a rough week last week cos I was trying to sort out my dental issues but I’m better now and still working.Yes today it’s a real quick one and I’m talking about how having a clean and neat work space or  work area can also enhance your work attitude and effectiveness too. Continue reading “A work space can help too”

Life》why Growth is Important x OOTD

Hello friends,It’s a beautiful day isn’t it ?ThankGod for life.So I know we are in the season of love and of course I can feel the whole energy in the air,everyone is getting all warmed up for February the  14th !! Continue reading “Life》why Growth is Important x OOTD”