Collaboration ||Shopekpo

There are many fast rising fashion brand’s in Nigeria today,you might find them on your explore page on Instagram  sometimes and next thing you know is that your hooked on their page but most times that’s where it ends or in worst case scenarios you might take a screen shot of the original design and have it made for you by some other brand but believe me nothing feels as good as wearing the real deal from where it was originally made. Continue reading “Collaboration ||Shopekpo”


Dressing Down The waist coat (part 2)

Happy New month!!!

Don’t get tired just yet cos I always try to keep to my word,so I previously styled this waist coat In this first post where I  tagged it as part (1) and I promised to do a part2 which I promise will be very brief. So how about we get right to it now: Continue reading “Dressing Down The waist coat (part 2)”


Happy friyay!!!So todays post has been cooking for a while now,I mean I’m having one of the biggest influencers of all time here live.I don’t want to sound overly excited but I am and I hope do hope just like me you learn something new  about Igee Okafor today,something inspiring cos He is more than just a fashionista He is an amazing young man who I know will go way beyond what even he expects. So ladies and gentlemen help me welcome Igee Okafor, the brains behind the lifestyle blog and if you have been up to speed with my recent posts then you probably remember I featured him Here.

Continue reading “INTERVIEW||IGEE OKAFOR”

Collaboration||The kalakut cafe + A Giveaway

yo,whats good?your having an amazing day I guess,well I on the other hand had an awesome time yesterday,I mean legit awesome and you might already have a clue what I’m talking about don’t you,So I paid a visit to the famous kalakut cafe ,heard of it?well let me be the first to break you down for you just incase you haven’t heard about them shall we. Continue reading “Collaboration||The kalakut cafe + A Giveaway”

Places In Abuja》The laguru spa

Long time fellas,where did y’all disappear to?or was it me that left?lol.well I’m back with another review of yet another cool place in Abuja.I got an invite to visit the Laguru Spa about two month’s ago but unfortunately I missed the arranged date for the visit as I had to be at work ,but you can bet social media kept me on all that went down. Continue reading “Places In Abuja》The laguru spa”