Words by Kuyet Bamai

Photography: Ejike Manny

Happy new month guys!! Do you remember the first time you had to wear a sweater around your neck or tie it around your waist? Well I remember trying it and my Mum would spank me cos she always felt wearing it like that would stretch it out but I just felt it was really cool.

I guess wearing a sweater around the neck is one of those things cool kids of the 80’s used to do but fast forward to 2018 Kuyet is doing it and he’s not even all that lol. It’s clearly not the most appropriate thing to do but it’s also not a crime I mean there are no rules as far as I’m concerned since style has always been a personal thing. I’m wearing a blue long sleeve shirt with a contrast button down collar and I paired this with brown velvet pants and Topman double monk straps from mallforafrica.

The socks and sweater had almost the same feel and hue which made the outfit look a little too matchy matchy but I guess it all works for a not so serious look for midweek meetings and runs. What do you think of wearing the sweater around ones neck?

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STYLE || FASHION POLICE ( Another waist coat tale)

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STYLE || Wear Black and White or Both

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Slaying on Weekends

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Fashion》The Staple Brown Suit

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