Words by Kuyet Bamai

Photography: Ejike Manny

Happy new month guys!! Do you remember the first time you had to wear a sweater around your neck or tie it around your waist? Well I remember trying it and my Mum would spank me cos she always felt wearing it like that would stretch it out but I just felt it was really cool.

I guess wearing a sweater around the neck is one of those things cool kids of the 80’s used to do but fast forward to 2018 Kuyet is doing it and he’s not even all that lol. It’s clearly not the most appropriate thing to do but it’s also not a crime I mean there are no rules as far as I’m concerned since style has always been a personal thing. I’m wearing a blue long sleeve shirt with a contrast button down collar and I paired this with brown velvet pants and Topman double monk straps from mallforafrica.

The socks and sweater had almost the same feel and hue which made the outfit look a little too matchy matchy but I guess it all works for a not so serious look for midweek meetings and runs. What do you think of wearing the sweater around ones neck?

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LIFE||Getting Ready ( some memories from my childhood)

Happy holidays guys!! I totally bear no grudges against those of you who didn’t invite me to their homes it’s all good, really it is.

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Memories From that Train Station

About a week ago I traveled back home to visit my family after about 6 months and before taking the trip I already had in mind all the places I wanted to re-visit before coming back. If you’ve been following my life here then you probably know I live in Abuja while the rest of my family lives in a small town somewhere in kaduna state. One of the places I planned to pay a visit to was this old railway station in Kafanchan.

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Hey there!!

Hope the month of June has been good so far? You know it’s the middle of the year and I think it’s a good time to asses and see how far you’ve come, see if you’ve actually crushed some of those goals you set when the year started. I had goals and plans for 2018 too but I’m not sure I’ve done well so far. I’ve updated you in previous blog posts about finishing nysc and starting a full time job as a social media manager and content creato and that hasn’t been easy for me, I mean I thought I was going to get a hang of it but it only gets tougher. Continue reading “THE GOING GETS TOUGH”

WEEKENDS || Another Weekend Tale

Hello there, it’s been almost 2 weeks since I last posted here, I’ve actually been terrible at keeping up with this space I mean no posts, no editing side bars and footers and all that………it’s actually just my unserious lazy ass always procrastinating but that stops today, yes today. Continue reading “WEEKENDS || Another Weekend Tale”