Style》Denim repeat

Hello pal,whats been happening?I know you know that I havnt posted in a while cos Ive been busy moving from one drill to the next at the NYSC orientation camp meaning that I’m now a corp member ,I’ll save the details for another day but thats just incase you were wondering where I’ve been this whole time. Continue reading “Style》Denim repeat”

Blogging》Staying Creative as blogger/creative

Hey guess who’s back with the blogging series?me!!did you miss us?of course  you did.So basically this is where I share my own lessons to help other bloggers(creatives) who might be wanting to figure how certain  things out,have it at the back of your mind that im no expert but I believe  I’ve come “a long way “and I’ve fallen and risen over seven times so I guess I can beat my chest at this point as someone with experience in this blogsphere. Continue reading “Blogging》Staying Creative as blogger/creative”

Lifestyle 》The Demani Luxury Cafe

So there is this thing about bloggers and coffee I dont know if its just for the aesthetic  or do we actually  like coffee?anyways I decided to try one of the coffee places in Abuja and the Demani luxury Cafe was my pick,reason:because I thought they actually had like the starbucks thing going on but hey it wasn’t.So I wanted to take  a break from the cappuccino this and that so I went for espresso Continue reading “Lifestyle 》The Demani Luxury Cafe”

WCW》Sara Donaldson x Blue Stripes

So today I’m just going to drop a quick one with my Woman crush for y’all ,remember when I talked about stripes in my last style post here ,I’ve also styled  blue stripes and loosed Denim pants in this post but today I’m focusing on just the blue stripes,and in Saras words I’ll say “stripes and denim are that effortless go-to combo you can reach to time and time again”this is so true. Continue reading “WCW》Sara Donaldson x Blue Stripes”