A Guide || Two things to do for Him/Her on valentine’s day

It’s the month of love as said by so many and the norm is to start thinking of all the best ways or things one can do to show that special someone how much they appreciate them and that can be such a headache. This is somewhat a guide as to what you can actually do for her or him just to remind them of how much you love and appreciate them. Continue reading “A Guide || Two things to do for Him/Her on valentine’s day”


Style || Wearing the Double Breasted Jacket as a Minimalist

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “blazer” is a tie, brogues, pocket square and maybe dinner date too. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of Dressing it down posts like This and This you noticed huh?well can’t blame a minimalist. Continue reading “Style || Wearing the Double Breasted Jacket as a Minimalist”

Documenting||Little moments with My Family

Home is where the heart is ,I agree completely,I dont know if I’ve mentioned before but I’ve been away from home ever since I got into college even the most part of my teenage days was spent away from home ,but bieng away from home after college was a decision I took,it was like one of those things you keep battling with and you keep asking yourself weather or not your doing the right thing or not but I told myself that this was what I had to do,for me to achieve my goal I had to pack my bags . Continue reading “Documenting||Little moments with My Family”

Style》Paint Stained on a Sunday

There was that time in April when I was hooked with this amazing designer and stylist from Vicehouseofroy who happens to be one of the bad boys at the African Fashion week Nigeria(AFWN)in 2015,you can guess how hard I started famzing him yea.So today I’ll be sharing one of the looks he shot me in  (hear how that sounds like murder) Continue reading “Style》Paint Stained on a Sunday”