Style || Wearing the Double Breasted Jacket as a Minimalist

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “blazer” is a tie, brogues, pocket square and maybe dinner date too. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of Dressing it down posts like This and This you noticed huh?well can’t blame a minimalist. Continue reading “Style || Wearing the Double Breasted Jacket as a Minimalist”


Documenting||Little moments with My Family

Home is where the heart is ,I agree completely,I dont know if I’ve mentioned before but I’ve been away from home ever since I got into college even the most part of my teenage days was spent away from home ,but bieng away from home after college was a decision I took,it was like one of those things you keep battling with and you keep asking yourself weather or not your doing the right thing or not but I told myself that this was what I had to do,for me to achieve my goal I had to pack my bags . Continue reading “Documenting||Little moments with My Family”

Style》Paint Stained on a Sunday

There was that time in April when I was hooked with this amazing designer and stylist from Vicehouseofroy who happens to be one of the bad boys at the African Fashion week Nigeria(AFWN)in 2015,you can guess how hard I started famzing him yea.So today I’ll be sharing one of the looks he shot me in  (hear how that sounds like murder) Continue reading “Style》Paint Stained on a Sunday”

Blogging》Staying Creative as blogger/creative

Hey guess who’s back with the blogging series?me!!did you miss us?of course  you did.So basically this is where I share my own lessons to help other bloggers(creatives) who might be wanting to figure how certain  things out,have it at the back of your mind that im no expert but I believe  I’ve come “a long way “and I’ve fallen and risen over seven times so I guess I can beat my chest at this point as someone with experience in this blogsphere. Continue reading “Blogging》Staying Creative as blogger/creative”