Keeping to Time with Waldner Watches

I of course have not been sticking to the usual routine and post schedules for over a month now and to think that I was excited about rounding up my nysc cos it was going to allow me some more time to put out more content out here but since I got a job (a 9 to 7 one and 6 days in a week) I’ve just not been able to have a proper plan in place and creating a balance has not been so easy either but I don’t blame it on anyone but myself.

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STYLE || Dressing up for a bloggers event

When you get invited for a bloggers event you start to think “what do I wear” well thats the case for all of us, but my simple hack to this is to go corporately casual, I know style is personal and casual or dressy is relative as it varies from person to person so you just need to trust your instincts, don’t go over board or try to figure out a theme for the event you;re going for.  Continue reading “STYLE || Dressing up for a bloggers event”


Hello there, its almost a decade since we last linked up here hasn’t it? well I’ve been up and about the place as usual and its only normal for me to always explain why I was MIA but probably after this post you will understand why. Continue reading “Life || MY NYSC ROUNDUP”

A Guide || Two things to do for Him/Her on valentine’s day

It’s the month of love as said by so many and the norm is to start thinking of all the best ways or things one can do to show that special someone how much they appreciate them and that can be such a headache. This is somewhat a guide as to what you can actually do for her or him just to remind them of how much you love and appreciate them. Continue reading “A Guide || Two things to do for Him/Her on valentine’s day”

Style || Wearing the Double Breasted Jacket as a Minimalist

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “blazer” is a tie, brogues, pocket square and maybe dinner date too. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of Dressing it down posts like This and This you noticed huh?well can’t blame a minimalist. Continue reading “Style || Wearing the Double Breasted Jacket as a Minimalist”