Style》Paint Stained on a Sunday

There was that time in April when I was hooked with this amazing designer and stylist from Vicehouseofroy who happens to be one of the bad boys at the African Fashion week Nigeria(AFWN)in 2015,you can guess how hard I started famzing him yea.So today I’ll be sharing one of the looks he shot me in  (hear how that sounds like murder) Continue reading “Style》Paint Stained on a Sunday”

Blogging》Staying Creative as blogger/creative

Hey guess who’s back with the blogging series?me!!did you miss us?of course  you did.So basically this is where I share my own lessons to help other bloggers(creatives) who might be wanting to figure how certain  things out,have it at the back of your mind that im no expert but I believe  I’ve come “a long way “and I’ve fallen and risen over seven times so I guess I can beat my chest at this point as someone with experience in this blogsphere. Continue reading “Blogging》Staying Creative as blogger/creative”

Lifestyle 》The Demani Luxury Cafe

So there is this thing about bloggers and coffee I dont know if its just for the aesthetic  or do we actually  like coffee?anyways I decided to try one of the coffee places in Abuja and the Demani luxury Cafe was my pick,reason:because I thought they actually had like the starbucks thing going on but hey it wasn’t.So I wanted to take  a break from the cappuccino this and that so I went for espresso Continue reading “Lifestyle 》The Demani Luxury Cafe”

Style》Tu vs H&M

Over the weekend I attended the second edition of the stylescenery event,I attended the first one here and I think it was more interesting than this one but hey what I wore is what we’re talking about here,if your one of those who are in love with monochrome looks then probably you’ll like this one. Continue reading “Style》Tu vs H&M”