Milestone||Becoming an Award Winning Blogger

Pheeewwwww!!!You know how it is or do I have to start doing the usual “hey guys”lol you guys no how we roll don’t ya?anyways hope your week has bieng fine so far tho?Well good thing is your alive and well so be thankful and speaking of thankful guess who won the fashion blogger of year 2017 ?Yes right here ,Me!!!!we did it guys,you nominated and you voted and together we won. Continue reading “Milestone||Becoming an Award Winning Blogger”


DIY||Developing your Instagram Theme/feed

Happy new week.

So finally I have the nerves to talk about developing an instagram theme/feed I’ll be using theme and feed interchangeably since they almost mean the same thing or should I give you a break down?Ok

Feed:it simply means the arrangement of the pictures as they appear on your screen,instagram used to have a chronological arrangement which displays the latest posts by the people you follow and the people that follow you but while I was researching for this post I realized it is no longer chronological.

Theme:simply put in my own words,its  a trend that has recently been adopted by bloggers and content creators by posting pictures that create visual consistency of thier feed.So a type of feed can  be called a theme.

So how do you create or develop an instagram feed?or lets first find out why you even need to develop a feed in the first place.Depending on what you do with your instagram account,be it personal or a buisness page it is not compulsory to have an intagram feed,If you can’t deal with it then just keep posting however and whenever you like cos all that matters is for you to get across to your audience but at the same it wont take anything from you to plan your posts in order to  curate an instagram theme.when I started using Instagram in 2015 it was just for stalking and getting followed so I didn’t care what my feed looked like not until I started blogging in September that year that I noticed how beautiful and clean bloggers and influencers liked to keep thier pages so I started trying to improve  on it.Heres how My theme  journey started.look how messy it was from the beginning Screenshot_20171016-110437.pngthen I started using the extra saturation and two instagram filters.Screenshot_20171016-111721.png

You see how I improved .Lets quickly dig in:

FILTERS:So The first way you can achieve an instagram theme is by using filters and being consistent with them,I never used any special apps to edit my pictures from the beginning but after I read so many reviews about VSCO CAM and seeing so many influencers use it I decided to give it a try out thier filters and the amazing thing about vsco is that all the filters have almost have the same feel so its left for you to know how to use them.Here is how my journey through vsco went.Screenshot_20171016-101116-01.jpegyeap VSCOCAM(check out one blogger that uses vscocam like a pro ( @t2pitchy )that and can you see how flatlays and quote posters played out here?they are the little things that actually take your feed to a whole new level.wondering what a flatlay is?here20171015_140713-01.jpegColor Scheme:Another thing to consider when developing a theme is a color palette or color scheme,most influencers use colors like pink,red,but white is the most common of them all.Choose a color that won’t restrict you,a color that will allow you post consistently without having to worry about anything because just one post can make everything go off completely.I took the white theme at some point and I really enjoyed it while it lasted.check it outScreenshot_20171016-101014-01.jpegScreenshot_20171016-100943-01.jpegDid you notice how I infused some other colors like red,brown and blue in the white?thats because I didn’t want to be so tied to the white theme so I decided to make it a little more interactive by bringing in other colors to create a contrast.but later I decided to add a little bit of yellow and pink and it wasn’t so bad.see for yourself.Screenshot_20171016-120551.pngDid I mention that you need to consider the background you use to take your photos too?well thats important as well,when I was strictly on the white theme I had to take my photos in not so colorful places so as to not loose what I was trying to achieve.

EDITS:The next thing that can help you develop that killer theme is the edits.The same way consistency with filters count is the same with edits,however you can decide to use edits to bring the photos to meet up with your theme even if they dont fit ,for example, I use to have throw back pictures that were really cool but I couldn’t post them while I was using the white theme because  they were too colorful so I decided to use picart to remove some colors and with the help of snapseed I was able to also increase the details of the photos.So edits play a very important role,but you must note that in as much as consistency in using filters and edits matter there are times when the same filters might not work for some pictures,a simple way my friend explained instagram theming is “just making sure the pictures look good beside each other.Screenshot_20171016-101209-01.jpegOne more thing I must add is “the power of the randoms”it mustn’t necessarily be a flatlay picture,it might be a picture of your dog,or your sun glasses held towards the sun or a skyscraper anything that fits or suits your interest can be captured and you will be surprised how it will jazz up your instagram feed especially on those days when you don’t feel like putting up an outfit post.Here are some examples of the randomsIMG_0663-01.jpeg20170903_142124-01-01Remember that I mentioned that it is important you choose a theme that will allow you work and post without putting in too much effort but if you your like me you will always find a way to post that photo no matter what.

So many people don’t actually see the need to develop a theme but I believe instagram clean feeds actually help draw some attention to your page because of the visual appeal I for one have been able to work with so many brands because of my instagram theme which made them feel thier brand will be well presented to my audience.

Want me to talk more about instagram feed/theme? Well holla at me.

Share this with your friend who might need it.Bye.

Celebrating two years Of Blogging(A feather in my cap)

Just wow!!I guess you already know whose blog turned 2 over the weekend yea,yes this blog is 2 and You won’t believe me if I told you I actually forgot the actual date this blog was published thank God for the notifications the good people at wordpress sent me you know. Continue reading “Celebrating two years Of Blogging(A feather in my cap)”

A work space can help too

Hey!!!How did your weekend go?well mine was ok tho I had a rough week last week cos I was trying to sort out my dental issues but I’m better now and still working.Yes today it’s a real quick one and I’m talking about how having a clean and neat work space or  work area can also enhance your work attitude and effectiveness too. Continue reading “A work space can help too”

Blogging||My journey so far

Greetings people,its been a while yea,well I could go on and on giving excuses but really all that matters is that I’m here now,ive been having some running’s you know with school and my camera also decided to finally start giving me the hard time so i guess its high time we started talking about a new one*AMEN*

So since I havnt gone on any shoots lately I felt it was the best time for me to do a little post about how my blogging has been so far especially after I just did a post about how I started ,also my blog anniversary comes up soon tho so whats good?lol

DSC_0791.JPGMy journey on the blog lane has not exactly been a smooth one but I must admit that its been quite an experience infact I think I should start on this note,blogging for me is more than just having people calling you a blogger,or having your instagram followers increased or getting all the side attention,its far beyond all the vain ideas some people have in their heads,infact if I was after all that I probably would have stopped blogging by now because compliments usually get the best part of me I must admit.From the onset I had no idea what my next phase in blogging would look like but within this short period of time iv come to accept the fact that I have indeed moved from one phase to another and hopefully  it goes on like that.DSC_0790.JPGBlogging has been the one thing that has helped me to connect with different kinds of people,it has taught me to accept people and their different opinions ,iv had people stop me on the road and they just tell me how much they love to read my blog and I almost want to buy them a drink to show how thankful I am ,and iv also had people who felt my blog was a total mess but instead of trying to embrace one and leave out the other iv learnt that my readers have the right to say what they feel about my content because they are the reason why Im writing after all so I try to weigh all the comments I get and I use it to evaluate myself,you will agree with me that from the time I started with my first post On the lens? to this one things have actually been got better,you agree yes?DSC_0843.JPGOne of the reasons iv not been so consistent here is because  of the school work  but I’m soon to be done with that tho,yaaay!!.from my photography skills,editing,choosing locations,styling,modelling,typing,spellings,capitalization,networking,reading ability and so many other things I must say that blogging is something that has helped me in these areas and I want to believe there’s so much more that I’m yet to experience and I’m willing and open to whatever will come .I probably will one day talk about all of you amazing readers that have been of so much support especially those who have subscribed to my blog *smiles*i don’t know the words to use for you guys but I’m guessing awesome and amazing will do,you guys make me an actual blogger,thanks a lot guys,and to my female readers I must say this I LOVE YOU SO MUCH,i know i hardly have anything that will be of interest to your style aesthetic but you still check in sometimes,I will try to bring in a lil something once in a while.DSC_0854.JPGThis is definitely not the last time I’ll talk about my journey so far cos the journey is still on but to those who took time to read this ,tanx a lot .

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