The Head Band-ana

Is this a style post? Well I’m just outchea trying to hide my barbers mistakes with a bandana but most people think it’s some new vibe, well it is but the real reason I started using a bandana on my head was just cover my bad front carving or you can choose to call them “insecure” reasons, lol its nothing deep really.

Well the bandana trend has been a thing, was a thing then I don’t know if it still is but I’ve been a fan since this post if you remember and I’m no owner of any bandanas at the moment cos I somehow always loose them. I will have to get one soon tho. As much as I love to look proper in terms of my style I still somehow embraced the bandana trend with no regrets actually cos it makes me look good, hippy but good still. Hippy is good!!!

These pictures were taken sometime last month and for some reason I haven’t been able to post them up here until now. I wanted to do a full “bandana styling post” but I felt why not just go with the flow and out them up as they come naturally. So yes you will probably be seeing another bandana style post.

Who else thinks the bandana as a head band is childish? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Shirt : @officialbrownsugar1969

Socks : @trippy_socks

Photography : @theniyifagbemi

Location: @theventurespark



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