Memories From that Train Station

About a week ago I traveled back home to visit my family after about 6 months and before taking the trip I already had in mind all the places I wanted to re-visit before coming back. If you’ve been following my life here then you probably know I live in Abuja while the rest of my family lives in a small town somewhere in kaduna state. One of the places I planned to pay a visit to was this old railway station in Kafanchan.

Kafanchan is like 30 minutes away from the town where I live and very close to the railway station was the last primary school I attended and back in the day when school was over we would go down there to play before the bus arrived to take us home.

One thing I remember clearly and it stays fresh in my memory about those old trains was how I would scare off some of my friends when we got inside and it always worked , it was such an adventure as far as we were concerned.

I decided to take a few pictures there just to remind myself of how much time has passed and how fast life can be, most of my friends from back then would probably reflect on those days when they see these photos, though so great photos cos somehow the numerous people staring at me and the fact that I ripped my pants while trying to set the camera somehow made me loose concentration.

We all miss everything about our child hood don’t we? Well I really do, especially now that I have to deal with almost everything by myself. Adulthood has not been so interesting but sometimes going back to where it all started somehow reminds you of where you’re coming from and how far you really want to go.

What do you miss the most about your childhood? Leave me a comment, I’m excited to hear what you have to say.




5 thoughts on “Memories From that Train Station

  1. Love these shots and shoot location. Nigerians will always be Nigerians with the stares, sorry about the pants, it happens. One thing I miss about childhood is the total lack of responsibilities I had.

    Princess Audu


  2. First of all, your photos are amazing! They tell the story you wrote in words and I can only imagine the thoughts that ran through your mind as you looked around at what used to be. Well I miss so much about my childhood. First of all I miss being in my home country Cameroon. Moved to South Africa 10years ago and only get to go home once a year to see friends and family. So when I do go home, I just spend days walking around my home, noticing the trees that are taller, suddenly the chairs I used to sit on are noe small for me…it’s crazy how things appear in retrospect. Adulting was definitely a scam. But grow we must!


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