Hey there!!

Hope the month of June has been good so far? You know it’s the middle of the year and I think it’s a good time to asses and see how far you’ve come, see if you’ve actually crushed some of those goals you set when the year started. I had goals and plans for 2018 too but I’m not sure I’ve done well so far. I’ve updated you in previous blog posts about finishing nysc and starting a full time job as a social media manager and content creato and that hasn’t been easy for me, I mean I thought I was going to get a hang of it but it only gets tougher. They lied when they said “the going gets tough” it actually gets tougher but the secret is you have to toughen up too, don’t let it overwhelm you , take it a day at a time, find happiness in whatever it is that you’re doing. If your job makes you unhappy, sad or under appreciated then you better quite, you know your worth more than anyone else so you deserve to be happy and appreciated even at your job and always remember that it doesn’t get any easier, you just have to toughen up and you eventually will get a hang of it all.

Quote for today:

“There can never be another you, how cool is that”

Photography by : wizchibzy


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