Keeping to Time with Waldner Watches

I of course have not been sticking to the usual routine and post schedules for over a month now and to think that I was excited about rounding up my nysc cos it was going to allow me some more time to put out more content out here but since I got a job (a 9 to 7 one and 6 days in a week) I’ve just not been able to have a proper plan in place and creating a balance has not been so easy either but I don’t blame it on anyone but myself.

The reason why we sometimes don’t stay consistent is because we get caught up with a lot of activities and eventually get to do only half of the things we planned hence the reason why we don’t only need to have a plan but also keep to the time scheduled, time is money they say and I can’t even disagree. speaking of time let me introduce you to waldner watches . Waldner watches have become my favorite when it comes to everything “quality time” and it was so exciting knowing that they have varieties of pieces for both men and women in colors like brown gold, rose gold and black. I’ll tell you more about waldner watches in coming posts but here is a fancy unboxing *winks*of the piece they sent me.

I picked the rose gold metal strap because it screamed “simply sophisticated” and I loved the fact that the strap was adjustable which means that you could adjust it to comfort and the detailed “W” crested on the clip just gives you the feeling that youre wearing a master piece which infact is so true cos looking at everything you can tell that every single detail was carefully thought of.

The Waldner watches have been made to meet individuals with different style choices so what ever is your flavor you can trust that they got you covered.

The good news is that you can get a 15% discount on any purchase of a Waldner watch with the discount code KUYETBAMAI347 so you can start shopping now.



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