Hello there, its almost a decade since we last linked up here hasn’t it? well I’ve been up and about the place as usual and its only normal for me to always explain why I was MIA but probably after this post you will understand why.

Sometime last I rounded up my NYSC(National Youth Service Corps) which is something every Nigerian who has passed through any college or university  is expected to do for one whole year. Some of you who paid attention to my insta-story probably knew I was serving but quite a number of people were surprised when  announced that  was passing out (rounding up the service year) but well its over now and I’m only here to share a little bit of my experience during this course.IMG_20180412_182818_925.jpgI actually always anticipated that time in my life when i,ll wear the khaki and meet people from other places, and probably even find a wife but mhen it wasn’t exactly as I imagined, from the registration to the clearance was all a stressful process. PicsArt_04-09-12.28.11-01THE CAMP EXPERIENCE; well on like other people I STAYED all three weeks on camp and I must confess that the first three days were like hell and i actually wanted to leave but it got a little more interesting as I started to meet new people but the sun burn was hella real, I’m dark skin but i became even darker during this period so you can imagine. if you’re yet to go to camp currently on camp then id advice that you keep an open mind, try to mingle, obey the sound of that ‘biggle’ thing so you don’t face any embarrassment from those men in uniform and don’t look down on anyone, you never know who is who,they might all look miserable in that white outfit but they are still humans and you should relate with everyone. I did a good job relating with people, I joined them for lunch, helped them keep chairs during all those long ass boring lectures, escorted them to the kitchen and that helped me to live that high school life once again.AirBrush_20180412045251-01PRIMARY ASSIGNMENT;  Now we all wanted to go somewhere fancy where the pay will be good which is not bad but what if that place you’re going to doesn’t even need you? you’re probably just going to be another corp member who is occupying space or taking files from one office to the next, buying food for your boss or just watching movies from 9 to 5. That’s mostly the case and almost my case too, but I sure didn’t waste time just doing nothing, I had a blog to take care of so it was just another for me to still create.

CDS; this happens once every week and as a typical “kuyet” that I am I didn’t miss even a day of cds and I can say this anywhere that it was a total waste of time and transport fare though I know I didn’t make any efforts to change things. The best part of my primary assignment was just observing the working environment, the people and the way money actually speaks but  even at that I could tell that working in a government organization was definitely not something I’d want for my life. did I tell you about the bio-metrics and monthly clearance? dang!! I better not tho.

you can say that my nysc experience was somewhat bitter sweet  but I’m still grateful for all that happened, the people I met made the highlights.

final word: keep an open mind and make yours a different experience.




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