STYLE || FASHION POLICE ( Another waist coat tale)

Happy weekend guys!! It’s another style post today, not weekend post which I’ll probably do tomorrow but first did you read last post? You better do that by Clicking here before you even read this one.

Recently I started working with an amazing photographer who is patiently getting used to me and how I like to take my pictures and I’m talking about Tony zitta. We had an arrangement to shoot at some location I found somewhere in the central area of Abuja but we didn’t want the popo to be all up in our space so we had to find some place else and as suggested by Tony we had to take quick shots at this spot where the police men usually stand. I gave this post the title fashion police for obvious reasons and I also wanted to say that we shouldn’t let anyone police the way we dress, let’s not let some insane rules stop us from expressing ourselves cos in fashion the rules can actually be broken and in the end what wins is whatever makes you comfortable. I’ve actually worn this outfit a lot of times but not with the trench coat cos it’s Nigeria but I draped it here just to look a little mafia and rich you know. Styling a waist coat has never been a problem for me if you noticed( I’ve styled waist coats here) and that’s because I hardly put on suits or blazers so the waist coat is mostly what I use even to layer. I think waist coats will always be relatively classy wardrobe “must haves” especially if we pick the right fit and pair with the right bottoms and accessories too.

Thanks for reading guys. Remember to connect with me on my Instagram and twitter. You can also like my Facebook page too. See you tomorrow and remember to share. BYE.

photography by @tonyzitta


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