STYLE || Wear Black and White or Both

Happy new month guys!! February went really fast and I really hope January learnt a lesson from that *lol* So I’m starting this new month in style and with a style post which means I just might be “marching in style” this month.

Today I’m preaching black and white, have you ever wondered why Janelle monae wears only black and white hues? It’s cos they are actually one of the coolest neutrals ever and if I were to choose colors to wear for the rest of my life I probably will choose black and white or both.

Wearing black is not such a good idea right now considering how hot this part of the country is but this shirt I’m wearing is actually silk and since silk and moist don’t blend in I decided to button down a little bit to let some air in. I wore white pants and converse to blend in. The bandana came into play cos my hair was due for a cut but I’m sure you could barely notice.

If you were to choose two colors to wear for the rest of your life, which ones will you go for? Mine will be black and white.

Photography by Tony Zitta (@tonyzitta)

Thank you, March with style!!


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