STYLE || As Simple as a White Shirt

I recently started going through my old posts and realized that I’ve actually never been the type to take fashion risks in fact someone recently told me my style was lazy and I partly agreed because I’ve always been a “play it safe” kind of guy and that’s because I believe that in as much as we want to slay it’s also important to try as much as we can to be comfortable.

I like to believe my style is as simple as a white shirt, a white shirt is simple but a staple and wardrobe must have which can easily be switched from laid back to dressy. Style is personal (cliché slogan but so true) and I like to think that I’m versatile in terms of looking like a classic gentle man *winks*, I wear pieces that can be styled in 5 other ways, pieces that every man could afford to have in their wardrobe but at the same time I can look sophisticated if an event calls for it which is exactly what a staple white shirt can do, it can be thrown over a denim pant today and be seen in a tuxedo tomorrow.

Today I’m doing the half tuck in with a white shirt by calvin Klein and printed pants, very weather convenient and comfortable too.

Hey!!figure out your style and you will be the only one to ever look that way. Thanks for reading.


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