A Guide || Two things to do for Him/Her on valentine’s day

It’s the month of love as said by so many and the norm is to start thinking of all the best ways or things one can do to show that special someone how much they appreciate them and that can be such a headache. This is somewhat a guide as to what you can actually do for her or him just to remind them of how much you love and appreciate them.

Send her gift box(with food): A road to everyone’s heart is through their stomach I tell you so if you’re thinking of getting her a box of chocolates Pease stop it!! get her a box from @Chopngo_ng filled with so much goodness. I received this box that came with a bottle of red non alcoholic wine and the box contained spring rolls, samosa, puff puff,beef kebab, and chicken which was enough to feed me and 3 of my friends, valentine’s can be celebrated with not just your lover but also with your best friends. The box goes for N7500 with no delivery charges( only delivers within Abuja).image1-01.jpeg

Make him smell good: I don’t want to start over emphasizing on the reason why a man should always smell good cos I know a lady who is reading this knows how that matters a lot, so if you want us to smell good then get us the best scents there is , like the Boss Hugo new scent? Mine is from an online store called @fabulousscents and they also deliver within and outside Abuja. Peep their packaging and the boss bottle below.Hope you all have a splendid valentine’s day.

I wonder which one a lady would prefer, a box of chocolate or food? What do you think? Comment below.


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