life || 2018 So Far and what I’ve been Up To

Happy new month guys and welcome to the month of love, well at least that’s what they call it isn’t it? So I didn’t publish as many posts in the month of February which was actually intentional as I had to a lot of planning and setting up a strategy for my brand was also what mans have been busy with most of the time and hey cheers to us we crossed 10k on the gram!!Thanks guys.20180129_134146-01.jpeg

January started on a good note and  I’m really so grateful for all the love I got from you guys on all my platforms, I even got two press features which I’m going to be talking about later this month so stay woke!!. I almost had a mental breakdown this month but the devil failed yo, I had to say “NO” to a lot of brands this month because I’m getting sick and tired of how these brands just feel they can just use influencers at zero cost or by just throwing samples at us or the cheapest of their products (lol I’m ranting already) for promotion, well NO was what they got from this end.PicsArt_01-28-08.30.36-01.jpeg

I also got featured on a campaign for Sunday school by Joseph Adamu, yes the Joseph Adamu you know had me on this one and it was such an honor meeting him and also to be part of something big. you can read more about Sunday school Here.Screenshot_20180122-202905.png

So far I’m happy all that I’ve been able to accomplish in just a month not totally but to a large extent I believe things can only get better and better, I look forward to sharing amazing content with  you guys this month and to document more of my experiences on this journey of life tho mine is boring as it is but you guys are stock with me right? haha.PicsArt_01-25-01.17.45-01.jpeg

once again, Happy New Month!!

remember to share and show some love too.


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