Slaying on Weekends

Yes weekends are relaxed and chilled for most of us except when weddings or event duties call. My typical weekend is usually spent taking pictures for outfit post or creating content for my social media and the brands I’m working with at the time, oh except if some of my friends decide to show me some love by inviting me to hang out or something like that but even then I still appear casual.

It’s no crime to slay your weekend weather dressing up or down, weekends are for T-shirts, shorts, tank tops, base ball caps in fact anything comfy is a yes for me on weekends (since I run a 9 to 5 and have to dress up within those hours) but I still keep my simple really classy.PicsArt_11-16-12.46.46.jpgPicsArt_11-16-12.41.58.jpg

I’m starting to agree with the fact that “casual is relative” your casual might be my dressy and vise versa so here’s how I’ll slay on a weekend in pieces from  Shopekpo (Remember my collaboration with shopekpo in this post? ).PicsArt_11-16-06.31.44.jpgPicsArt_11-19-09.24.28.png

These were pictures I took for shopekpo’s black Friday sales and since They came out well I thought why not just make a post out of it Huh!!. Now you can shop this looks by clicking on the link below.

Click here to shop

THANK YOU FOR READING!! See you next month.


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