Life || My 2017 in Retrospect

I can clearly remember drafting and publishing a recap post at about this same time last year (Read my 2016 in Retrospect here) and how I was ranting about the terrible reception at the time. Time flies right? I know, well here is all that went down as far as this blog is concerned in the year 2017, remember you can click on the blue highlighted text to read the full story so let’s dig in now shall we?AirBrush_20171204205348-01.jpeg


I started with some set goals which of course I didn’t exactly work towards them but knowing the fact that I wanted to reach a certain level within the year actually helped me to stay on track and to work harder too. I walked into 2017 not knowing what was coming but with a conviction that it was going to be a good year. How you Start is most likely how you will finish.


Well one of the major changes for the blog this year was buying my own domain( and there will still be some changes this year as well as I intend to do some type of rebrand.

I also changed my Instagram(@kuyetbamai) from personal to a business account  just to make it easier for people to reach me and I of course had fun with different themes this year. HERE IS A GUIDE ON HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR INSTAGRAM THEME/FEED


Like I said earlier, the year 2017 was a good year and even though I’m only two years in this business I got my first blog award this year, yes I was awarded Male fashion blogger of the year and that added “Award winning” to my title. This was my major victory this year but at the same time I didn’t ignore the little victories like the numerous press features Like (Lytsmag,Thebloggerpoint,) and a bunch of others I’ll add when I get hold of the links and I know the best is yet to come.


I did a lot of networking this year which actually led to lots of collaborations, few paid ones but I’m still glad I did them. Thank you to all the brands that worked with me, it’s a long list ;

1)Laguru spa

2)Reflections saloon and spa

3)Franck Olivier

4)Trippy Socks


6)Lohn Lagos


8)Toda Nigeria

9)Gafa sandals

10)Kalakut cafe

11)Shop Indiana

The list can only get longer but it was with great pleasure that I worked with all of you.


-I Learnt to push myself a little outside my comfort zone so I can better explore all my potentials.

-Not to let the craziness on social media especially the competition get to me, instead I should just stay true to my own craft and keep being me. I’m awesome!!

-To be open to new experiences and also try out new things (I started managing social media for buisnesses).

-Networking: most of the collaborations I did this year came from networking and I really believe in its power now. By attending the right events and talking to the right people you might be surprised at what will come out of something that started as a “hello hi” conversation.

-Never stop learning (I took photography and editing a little more seriously this year and I will still do more in the coming year) you can never know it all so keep doing your research and make YouTube your best friend.

-To know my worth and not let anyone price me down. This year I learnt that not every brand deserves a “yes” and saying know “No” makes you look good too.

-Ask questions from people who have been there done that, it’s no big deal sliding in their DM or sending them and email, if they ignore then find someone else,  it’s that easy fam.

-Ignore the numbers, just concentrate on putting out great content and keep a good relationship with the audience I have.

-Finally I learnt to just let things come to me naturally, to wait for my own time cos it will definitely come.

I could spend the whole day talking about the things that happened in the year 2017 but will time let me? No.

What was your 17 experience in one word?Mine was “Good”.


Thank you for sticking with me!!


11 thoughts on “Life || My 2017 in Retrospect

  1. My 2017 was “great”
    I graduated from the University with first class honours
    I worked for a while at a fashion house something I never even imagined I’ll do
    It made me realize how much I love fashion and steered up a desire to learn how to sew which I accomplished last year.
    I really can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for me.
    2018 is going to be awesome for us all


  2. Well done! It must have felt good working with all these brands. I hope I’ll be able to write this kind of post (as regard my blog) by the end of this year. Because such opportunities are major motivations. Great job. I could use some tips on photo editing and landing brand collaborations please. Epp a sister out! Cheers


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