Trends || Turtle in a Blazer

Style and fashion influencers have lately been giving us some turtle neck goals on Instagram. From season to season the trend has lowkey been present. Recently I was having a conversation with one of my model friends about how I didn’t feel comfortable wearing a turtle neck because my neck was really long and the turtle neck will only make it look longer but he on the other hand had some really good things to say about this.

The turtle neck can either make or mar an entire outfit. Apart from how you style it, going for the right knit texture is very important and when I say texture I mean thick or thin knit. I recommend the thin knit because it allows you to fold in many layers without your neck line looking clustered.

Thin Turtlenecks Are Great Turtlenecks
Chunky turtlenecks in intricate knits and weaves can be warm as hell, but can also add unnecessary bulk to a winter look. Instead, grab a turtleneck in a thinner fabric like merino wool or, if you’re really fancy, cashmere that hugs the body. You’ll get all the style and none of the chunk.

Gq September 2015 issue

Kuyet bamai wearing a turtle neck

With a blazer or a bomber jacket the turtle neck can actually make up a small but significant part of a dapper look. It lets your face standout in the crowd and when paired with a fedora hat it just gives the ensemble some extra sauce ( what is life without a little bit of sauce)

So what’s it gonna be,? Is the turtle neck a yay or nay for men? Please comment below.


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