Fashion || Reinventing with Mama’s Wrappers

Back in 2012 the Ankara trend came back in full force and guess who joined the bandwagon? Me. So my mum used to have these beautiful prints of ankara fabrics that she wasn’t exactly using but you know how mothers just like to have that particular wrapper they’d tie and walk around with (If you have a typical Nigerian mum then you probably can relate). So as a bad guy I picked out a few of her wrappers and made me some ankara pants, infact I cut out some and patched them to one of my denim jackets because mans just had to slay innit._MG_2518-01_MG_2538-01_MG_2521-01I didn’t get to really rock them as the trend just became too much of a big deal and almost a joke but after styling this white shirt with some ankara shorts in this post I decided to try it with longer ankara pants as well. As basic as this look might seem it just made me realize how our mothers really have good taste in choosing their fabrics, it’s almost as if they compete with themselves on a low *lol*. Today we find ourselves also rocking these prints, infact we are now reinventing and incorporating some urban feel into them. That’s art, that’s fashion, it’s about creating beauty out of something deemed not so captivating. Damn!!, African prints are just everything and I’m going to explore them some more because they definitely have come to stay.Processed with VSCO with  preset_MG_2535-01

P.S. These pictures were taken by @kuyetbamai you can follow him on Instagram to see some pretty cool stuff. *winks*

Thank you so much for reading and sharing.


10 thoughts on “Fashion || Reinventing with Mama’s Wrappers

  1. I see you were having fun while taking these pictures and you taking them yourself is unbelievable, you used your camera yeah?was going to ask if you could help with some skills to take pictures with phone and tripod


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