Collaboration ||Shopekpo

There are many fast rising fashion brand’s in Nigeria today,you might find them on your explore page on Instagram  sometimes and next thing you know is that your hooked on their page but most times that’s where it ends or in worst case scenarios you might take a screen shot of the original design and have it made for you by some other brand but believe me nothing feels as good as wearing the real deal from where it was originally made.wondering why I’m preaching?well you better “calm down “and keep paying attention cos I only just started.AirBrush_20171009091523-01-01.jpegSo I recently got this T-shirt from a Nigerian online store called Shopekpoand I know how it can be getting items off the Internet without any uncool surprises but I’m well pleased to tell you that  Shopekpo is your “go to stop” for most of the amazing Nigerian brands you wish to patronize,from T shirt,long line,denim,hats and more.PicsArt_10-09-07.21.39-01-01.jpegPicsArt_10-09-09.27.39-01-01.jpegPicsArt_10-09-07.44.02-01.jpegThis was the “Ogbeni farabale” shirt by a brand called L.D.V (@weareldv) and its also available at Shopekpo,I know this because I’ve been to their warehouse which is located at Wuye Modern Market,Abuja just incase you want to get your item in person.

For someone who is all about good texture and quality I must say they have that 99% because this shirt actually feels really comfortable and the inscription on it which can mean”calm down”actually gives off some sort of chill vibe as well. Did I mention that its not color fast too?well yeap,I washed it and the shirt is still as good as new with no shade of fade on it.

PicsArt_10-09-08.02.11-01.jpegWanna see how I’m going to style this Tee ?well you better stay up to date by subscribing to my newsletters you know  cos I’m loving it just like everyone else who have seen me wear it so I’ll be rocking and re-rocking it with no Shame at all.

Wanna order from shopekpo?ClickHere


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