Dressing Down The waist coat (part 2)

Happy New month!!!

Don’t get tired just yet cos I always try to keep to my word,so I previously styled this waist coat In this first post where I  tagged it as part (1) and I promised to do a part2 which I promise will be very brief. So how about we get right to it now:IMG_8746-01.jpegIMG_8735-01.jpegIMG_8733-01So we are looking at dressing down a waist coat,and from pairing it with a T shirt and pants to match here we are pairing it with a pair of jeans,sneakers and a simple “polo” shirt as it is generally called but I’d rather refer to it as a mini collar cotton shirt.The look is still simple and young too.The color scheme is in every way as calm and subtle as the look itself,from the olive green shirt to the camel waist coat and brown swede sneakers.This is another way you can slay casually in a waist coat.IMG_8779-01IMG_8795-01-01.jpegIMG_8822-01.jpegyou loved this post?click on the social media icons to share it with your friends and also sign up to my newsletters and never miss out on the awesomeness.


Happy New month and Stay Safe.


3 thoughts on “Dressing Down The waist coat (part 2)

  1. This is stylish and Simple which is in my opinin, the ‘S’ of fashion. I like how your posts are short (I don’t like short posts) but I would like to read more from you!
    What camera took this pictures now? The Samsung? Cause I see it in your hand….


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