Collaboration||The kalakut cafe + A Giveaway

yo,whats good?your having an amazing day I guess,well I on the other hand had an awesome time yesterday,I mean legit awesome and you might already have a clue what I’m talking about don’t you,So I paid a visit to the famous kalakut cafe ,heard of it?well let me be the first to break you down for you just incase you haven’t heard about them shall we.IMG_20170912_215217_863-01IMG_0065-01IMG_0024-01IMG_0027-01_MG_7465-01

Photos by:@Osatoasabor
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The kalakut cafe is a food and beverage company where you find exactly what should be found in a cafe,wifi,pastries,chops,cocktails,cappuccino,latte,coffee and even a work space incase you want to just get away for a few hours,I initially thought it was just your regular coffee stop too you know ,btw remember my last visit to a cafe in Abuja for the first time in THIS POST.

The Kalakut cafe is all that and more,from ambiance to hospitality and services plus an incredible price,I was given a full tour of the facility which I guess can be done for anyone who requests for it and the smile you’ll get for free counts as hospitality too cos you will feel more comfortable and relaxed,tell me what more can a brother ask for than cool soft music,a cup of cappuccino,a slice of chocolate cake and free internet?IMG_0044-01IMG_0046-01IMG_0047-01-01IMG_0058-01

I’m sorry for getting your taste buds all watery but you can get yourself treated by paying them a visit,they are located on Mambilla street,just along Aso drive,you can just check them out on instagram officialkalakucafe.

Heres a quick video I created ||how my cappuccino was made here



So I’ve partnered with kalakut cafe to host this giveaway,and the prize is a discount card,yes I’ll be giving away three discount cards to three lucky winners and that discount card allows you to get a 10 percent discount off any thing made inside kalakut cafe,the card can only be used once.

How to enter;

1)you must be following kalakut cafe,click here to follow

2)take a screen shot of any picture from this post

3)post the photo(from instruction 2) on your instagram page and tag @kalakutcafe and @kuyetbamai and use the #tags #kalakutcafe10 and #kuyetbamai

follow this simple steps and you stand chance to get 10% off any purchase from the amazing kalakutcafe.

(this post is brought to you in partnership with the kalakut cafe)


Do you like my new photo edits?


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