Dressing Down the Waist Coat

Recently I’v been rockoing and re-rocking a certain item from my wardrobe,yes its the waist coat but it didnt feel so shameful when I figured how its been a thing for so many fashion people infact Igee okafor spoke about this trend as well,you can check out his post here even though he focused on the term used to describe it at different times weather waist coat or vest but today I’m just going to share how I personally dressed down the waist coat part 1,yea I’ll be doing another one much later.AirBrush_20170819185415PicsArt_10-21-09.23.52-01.jpeg
Remember I spoke about earthy colors and how they are the shii this season in THIS POST check it out if you missed it.I recently got this vest(i’m using vest and waist coat interchangeably) but I did’nt really have any plans of wearing it in a casual way until it hit me that I already did a formal styling of the waist coat HERE hence I went for a more casual look by putting on a simple round neck T shirt with texture,brown pants with a calico feel and simple shoes for comfort.Thats how you dress down and still look on point in a waist coat,I could style this with a white T shirt but this blue one just finds its way every other day.kuyetbamai in a waist coat



To give this post a little plus, I decided to share with you some reasons why you should choose to wear a waist coat (as seen on The Idle Man) hope you find them convincing.

lets dig in

  • Waistcoats are actually a pretty functional item. If you’re in a setting that requires you to look smart then a waistcoat is perfect. They provide the same formality as a suit jacket but don’t restrict you in the same way.
  • They are a great way to stay formal, yet comfortable. If your office lacks air conditioning then you can easily switch your suit jacket for a waistcoat without breaking any dress codes. On the other hand, in the colder months, you can layer your waistcoat under your jacket and overcoat for added warmth.
  • Adding a waistcoat on top of your usual shirt and trousers helps to streamline your silhouette. The V-shape makes your chest look larger and your stomach look a bit trimmer. They can basically help you look like you’ve spent some time in the gym when really, you never left your sofa.
  • They can pretty much revamp your wardrobe. Even if you’ve only got a couple of suits and two waistcoats, once you’ve mixed and matched and worn the waistcoats without a jacket, you’ve created a dozen different outfits.

Do you see the magic that this small piece of clothing can do to an entire outfit?well I’m loving it and you should definitely watch out for the part 2 of this post coming soon……

what ways do you think is best to style a waist coat?formal or a little more casual?


shirt by Moschino

waist coat(thrifted)

pants by Razorsharp

wrist watch by Danielwellington



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