How I styled My Over sized Blazer

Happy New month everyone,finally its Friday,meaning that we are stepping into the weekend. I’m usually not so excited about weekends since its not like  I  get to do any thing adventurous apart from work on creating content for this space(BORING RIGHT),how I  stay creative while is something I already shared here just incase you want to get some motivation.

Today I’m sharing how I styled my over sized blazer,I’ve been asked by so many people why I don’t really wear blazers of suits since most people think the most fashionable way to look dapper ,well I choose to not disagree but the truth is I’ve hardly had occasions that demand me to be that dressed up,I know that’s not an excuse but I only share what I actually wear on most days and the truth is I hardly wear that,but sometimes last year I might have  gotten suited on a sunday.

3-3.jpgIve had his blazer for only a short time,its a h&m vintage jacket I got from a thrift street vendor but it was really big and for the The Staple Brown Suit. I had to keep it regardless because an over sized blazer is also in trend,apart from gifting it o your girlfriend you can also just put it on as a coat of just sling it on your shoulders with a comfortable shirt like this blue moschino Tee I have on.The thing about over sized clothing is that you never know what they will look like when resized because some pieces are better over sized than fitted.2-2.jpg1-2.jpgThese amazing shots were taken at the Mastermind studios by @gottayphotography.

Do you own an over sized blazer?well don’t resize it just style it


if your a clothing brand that makes suits or blazers for men and is willing to work with me then feel free to hit me up via instagram @kuyetbamai.

Thanks for coming,enjoy the weekend.


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