Life lessons lately

Hey its almost the weekend!!!yay!!its the only time I get to spend some time with me,where I do all my personal work (blogging and creating content)and to also do some reflecting on certain things that have been happening or have happened in my life lately and today I’m going to be sharing just a little bit of that.

I’ve started my primary assignment as a Nigerian corp(nysc) member and Its not exactly a whole new experience since I’ve had a job before now and it was also a 9 to 5 but this time I dont just go to work by 9 o clock because I have to but because I want to,I wake up by 5 every morning bath, pray,do some house chores,have breakfast and latest 7:30 I’m headed to work because its a long walk to get to where I can take a cab.I get to work latest by 8:15am and to be honest my goal is to make it by 8 o’clock even tho work starts proper by 9am but at least I’ll be able to organise myself and prepare myself for the days work before everyone else gets there and it challenges me that some people including some of the staff get there even earlier then why shouldn’t I?Its beginning to seem as tho I’m just bieng over top or over doing things but I’m hardly bothered about other people’s thoughts towords me lately and btw I don’t know if its just me but I really think 24 years of age is no small deal,I recently took a bold step to break out of certain things that seem to want to distract me or make me forget who I really am,where I come from,and where I’m going to because those little things will actually steal from you and will leave you in regrets much later.IMG_1483.JPGPicsArt_04-30-07.49.33.jpgAgain ,Surrounding myself with the right set of people have actually been one of my driving forces,some of the friends I keep might not know how much they’ve actually impacted in my life since I aways seem to be full of jokes but they actually do.I’m always going to be thankful to them,I have friends that are way younger than me and some far older than me but it has never been a thing  at all.If any of you  is reading this just know this”I VALUE YOU “.PicsArt_04-29-01.33.40.jpgLastly I’m learning to listen and learn,I’m learning to learn more especially from people who have been there done that,Listening to people share thier story and how they’ve used the ugliest experiences to make thier lives a meaning is just amazing and I only hope and pray that one day my story,your story and all our stories will inspire and add value to others.

What lessons have you learnt lately?share it and you never know who will learn from it.

Pictures and words by kuyetbamai 


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