The white shirt by landsend and blue denim

Hey homie,wadgwan?y’all doing alright and having a great week at work ,home,school or with bae yea?well good for you cos I’ve been hopping from cabs to bikes lately and I definitely will share my recent job description as a Nigerian corp member but meanwhile I just want to share this quick style post. IMG_2541-01.jpegHave you ever noticed how its almost impossible to go wrong with a white shirt and denim combo?I can proove it to you with time,I can literally pull off five different looks with different cuts of white shirts and different shades of blue denim pants to convince you … a minimalist I always reach for the simplest yet staple pieces whenever I’m styling a particular outfit no matter the occasion so this white shirt from Landsend which has been in my wardrobe for like 4 years now finally made an appearance and even got the attention of the brand(yea always give credit and tag a brand at least to make it easy for a friend or anyone who is wondering) after I paired it with this old blue denim which I’ve styled Here as part of my Christmas lookbook.

PicsArt_07-23-12.01.45.jpgIMG_2543.JPGIMG_2544.JPGwhat I love most about this white shirt will be the fact that its a botton down color and it just fits my body type(know your body type bruh)and styling with a blue denim and brown swede shoes was definitely a win.




Shoes 》Oldnavy

Hat》available for sale Here

Is it right to say once you go white on a denim pair of denim you never go wrong?what do you think?

Talk to me!!!


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