The Bandana Trend

Its summer people,everything changes . I’ve heard so many people make it sound so easy like everything is allowed so long as its summer,but hey guess what else is allowed to be rocked this season?the bandana,oh I remember how I used to flaunt my first bandana back in the day bruhh it was the shiii as far as me and my goons were concerned and then the best way I could think of styling it was to tie it on my wrist,which works even lately but today I’m bringing you another side of this versatile accessory as it is now classified*lol*Im talking about tieing the bandana around your neck ,I must confess that this was an awkward way to style it for me but once I played around with color and texture of my entire outfit it worked fine._MG_2268-01.jpeg_MG_2336-01-01.jpeg_MG_2311-01.jpeg_MG_2277-01.jpeg

This was something I wore to work on a monday,while I was still work at the Mastermind studios and the same day I had my breakfast at The Demani Luxury Cafe.

IMG_2250.JPGI preached about playing safe especially as a man which is not exactly the coolest thing but I still played safe by using a white bandana since I was putting on white pants,then paired with a blue Moschino Shirt,brown hat and shoes by parker and skye.Out of the so many ways you can style a bandana this is just one and its my best I guess.

What ways will you rather style the bandana?share.

Location:The city Bridge(city park)

Photography by:Andy photography


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