Fashion》The Staple Brown Suit

Earthy colors have become one of my go to colors lately,I believe most men have the regular blues,grey,black and white jackets in thier wardrobe or at least one or two of the above but have you ever thought of investing in a brown suit?No?well I put it to you today that its the next color that will be flooding the air this season,infact it already has.See how many people wore it:

Igee OkaforSneak-Peek-1.jpgFinals-8-7.jpgHere are some tips Igee shared in his recent post about styling a brown suit:

Brown is such a neutral color that doesn’t play towards superfluity. It’s a color that can be identified for its lack of character and conventional tone making it easy to be paired with some of the most detailed items in menswear. My advice for pairings extend below:

  • The Shirt

When choosing a shirt to pair with a brown suit, it’s more effective to work with a shirt with subtle detail. For example, the striped shirt I am wearing in the photographs above. Picking colors that contrast well with the suit creates an excellent repute for the entire ensemble.

  • The Tie

Stand out a little more by pairing a subtle striped shirt with a bold striped tie. Because mixing prints and patterns can be a bit undisciplined, working within the same palette of blue and brown is recommended.

  • The Shoes

When it comes to shoes, you do not want to play around because they finish and pull the entire look together. A darker pair of brown monk straps is a great idea.

Ryan Style Nyc


Some of your favorite fashionistas are wearing it too:20170709_092413.png20170709_092350.pngI believe your going to do a good job styling your brown,nude,camel eathy colored suit too.

Have a great week ahead and make a positive impact in someones life this week.

Do you own a brown suit?Do you think a brown suit should be a staple in every mans wardrobe?lets talk about this.


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