Style》Paint Stained on a Sunday

There was that time in April when I was hooked with this amazing designer and stylist from Vicehouseofroy who happens to be one of the bad boys at the African Fashion week Nigeria(AFWN)in 2015,you can guess how hard I started famzing him yea.So today I’ll be sharing one of the looks he shot me in  (hear how that sounds like murder)IMG_0829-01IMG_0795-01This was almost a basic double denim look but he decided to switch it up with the paint stained jacket which worked perfectly fine.IMG_0743-01.jpeg_MG_0878-01IMG_0747-01I wanted to have the jacket to myself but my magic didn’t work on this day*sad*.This is a look you can try on a casual note or just to make a sratement any other day.Get paint stained.

Thanks for reading,share with someone.

Styled by:Vicehouseofroy

Photography by:Viceroy


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