As I grow older certain things become clear as crystal ,others become unacceptable,while some become more important but it takes a responsible me to be able to see things as they are meant to be and act when I’m surpposed to.When people talk of responsibility they usually relate it mostly to ones sense of maturity which is understandable.When I Turned 24 I started feeling some sort of pressure,not like anyone was saying anything,the pressure was coming from within me cos I started to think far.I thought of all the things I wanted to achieve as I slowly approached my thirties,I wasn’t sure I was ready to take up any responsibilities but at the same time I knew exactly who I was and all I was supposed to to do as an adult.IMG_0730 copy.jpgIMG_0804 copy.jpgTelling people to dress responsibly,drink responsibly is almost like preaching to the choir these days,its high time we all understood that bieng responsible is a personal decision,its “individualistic”and it comes with certain rules ,certain things have to be put in check,certain things have to be be out of the picture for an individual to be responsible.One very important thing that I realized must be in check is “your friends or association “where they are headed is most likely where your headed infact it is impossible to be responsible when your friends are irresponsible but when you’re in the right company ,when you stay disciplined then you wont only start accomplishing great things but you will also follow through to the end because nothing will stop you then.IMG_0737 copy.jpgIMG_0828.jpg

Lessons I leant from “Beyond Talent “by John C.Maxwell. its a book you should add to your library.

Photos by:Uchenna


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