Style》Denim repeat

Hello pal,whats been happening?I know you know that I havnt posted in a while cos Ive been busy moving from one drill to the next at the NYSC orientation camp meaning that I’m now a corp member ,I’ll save the details for another day but thats just incase you were wondering where I’ve been this whole time.

Today I’m doing a quick one and its the denim jacket again*smh*I know what your thinking but you will agree that even kanye probably repeats his favorite yeezy denim jacket sometimes ,how do I know?well if you notice the K in Kanye,Kim,khloe,kuyet,kendall yea we family and if you’re a fan of this family then you should know that the denim jackets have come into play so many times in our appearances ,its just how it is,once styled to taste or an occasion  it brings you so many steps closer to slaying.Here is how I styled the same denim jacket I wore here and if your new here then you could read my short message on denim jackets Here.

PicsArt_03-09-08.28.20.jpgPicsArt_03-09-08.27.14.jpgI wore this to work during my internship at the Mastermind studios and it wasn’t such a bad idea as I loved how the look was inbetween so formal and not so formal if you know what I mean.So if you’ve had your denim on repeat then trust me we are in it together so if I go down then we go down together. PicsArt_03-09-05.05.28.jpgThank you so much for staying with me and for reading this.I look forward to seeing your own thoughts on the denim repeat too.Bye!!

Photography by:Ivy crispy


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