Style》Mondays are Tie Days

photography by:Victor viceroy

It’s been almost two months since I started my internship at the Mastermind studios incase you missed out on all the happenings you can catch up on it here and here and very soon I’ll be off to some place ,I’ll tell you where when the time is right.How have you been tho?fine?well great.

Today’s post might not be as Monday ish as the title sounds but you can bet it’s about Ties,I recently decided to be a little more fearless when it comes to picking out accessories especially ties,on a normal day I’ll just pick out something blue,black or just the basic patterns but bieng a fan of Akinfaminu and his wardrobe I chose to take a break from the norm and start wearing some daring colors ,tho not too colorful still.IMG_1193-01IMG_1211-01.jpegIMG_1196-01IMG_1199-01The beauty of styling a vintage,floral or colored tie is that you can style it in so many ways to fit any event or formal look.Im wearing a white staple shirt ,blue pants,gold collar broche and made in Nigeria brogues.I wanted a formal but yet simple look for work and yes I think this worked perfectly fine.

what type of tie guy are you,the black and white or the colored tie type of guy?leave me a comment below and incase you want to buy this tie off me just halla.

Thank you for stoping by.

Outfit details:

Tie:River island

Shirt:Mark’s and Spencer

Pants:Zara man


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