The Mastermind studios(week1)

Hey everyone,it’s a new week and yes I’m still having my #mastermindexperience and it only gets better and if you have been keeping up with me on Instagram @kuyetbamai then you will agree that I have been having quite a moment.

This is my week one recap tho it was a week where I took my time to get acquainted with the work process and the people too,the Mastermind studio has its magical ambiance that just makes you want to get creative and on some days I watched how every individual was putting in the best of thier efforts to make sure thier game was nothing less than an A+ from photographers,make up artiste,technical assistant,directors and me *lol*it leaves the client with no choice than to be satisfied.I started my own work proper on day 3,which is of course creating content which is also coming strong,wanna find out what the Mastermind studio is cooking?well you better keep up with us on Instagram @mastermind_studios.And yes where else would you rather be than here.So yes week 2 has started today and trust me it’s not as easy as you might think but when you find yourself surrounded by hardworking creative individuals you will have to just bring it.So yes it’s going to be an interesting week and I’ll keep sharing my #mastermind experience with you.

Well I captured some behind the scene moments from the week and some views of the studio which I never seem to get tired!!


Playtime(you know one thing keeps jack smart,play!!!)

so yes I’m still the newest intern at the Mastermind studio.Have a great week and don’t forget to share and spread the love.


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