Grooming||3 After shave products I recommend.

If your reading this then you must have beards on your face right now*lol*hope your week has started off well?well good luck to you.

Today I’m reaching out to my brothers who have had one after shave problem or the other,I personally I’m not an expert on what to or what to not use on your beards cos I obviously don’t grow them much but I got something tho*lol*for real I have a few strands somewhere.But to get to it real quickly I recently had to look at some after shave preducts not for my face but for my arm pit and the other region(this post was meant for brothers only so ..)but I figured some facial after shave products can be used as well but only if spacified on that product ,please always read the instructions or directions on any products you the first after shave (face)product I came across was ;

1)Sea of spa after shave balm:This is recommended for that gentleman who has a sensitive skin ,it absorbes and has a remarkable cooling effect on freshly shaved skin.Inude this balm is a blend of hydrating dead sea minerals soothing with harzel and moisturizes and tones your skin,keeps it soft,revitalized and wonderfully fragrant

Directions:Apply to face after shaving with light tapping motions.

2)The black Denim;The first time I saw this is  I fell in love with the bottle then the fragrance was something else,it has that cooling effect when you apply it to your face.

Directions:Simply splash the Denim after shave on your palm and apply to neck and face for a refreshing start to the day.

3)Black suede;I haven’t tried this one but it has a similar feel with the sea of spa after shave balm,it comes in a 3 piece set(roll on,body spray and the after shave balm)I quite like the roll on too.

These are the 3 After shave products that I feel might meet your needs especially when it comes to  an itch free and more clean and smooth shave.

Enjoy the week ahead.HEY are there any other after shave products you have tested and tried?


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