self made||The Denim Bow

So real quick,I hope we are having a stress free week?So I figured I wasn’t the only one who has been wanting a denim bow tie ,well goodnews is you can just “Diy”it ,I did so it’s pretty easy I’ll just take you through the steps.

Step 1:first get a denim piece,a shade of your choice then cut out a perfect square or rectangle,depending on the size of bow you want .img_6433img_6436

step 2:pick a middle point ,then use another denim piece to hold it down,then sew it on the side you will be considering as the back of the bow.IMG_6439.JPGIMG_6443.JPGimg_6445

step 4:use a pin on the sewn part at the back of the middle point of your bow ,the pin goes  through the botton hole of the collar of the shirt you want to style it with.IMG_6446.JPGimg_6449And there it is,you have a denim bow,you could spice it up with a broche or a pin .IMG_6454.JPGI have a couple of ways i could style this bow ,so i guess a style post should come up soon.

I hope you found my Diy attempt helpful tho?more to come your way (depends on how my creative mind works)

Whats your take on this Denim bow?yay or nae?


19 thoughts on “self made||The Denim Bow

  1. it has to be a very big yay….! So lovely. I’m priding in you *in Jenifa’s voice* Wish I could make one for myself but what will I wear it with? Hmmm guess I’ll try it sometime.


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