Extras||Strong like Bamboo

Hello:well the year has started incase your not in the know ,time is already running out which is why you need to have your plans already,resolutions might not work but good planning saves you time wastage.

I know the title for today’s post seem a little off but trust me titles can make you want to go crazy sometimes you have a post but you just don’t know what the title should be,but here I’m talking about bieng tough,bieng strong and having a thick skin that won’t break easily no matter how rough or hard things get,this post came up because today I almost lost my mojo cos sometimes things don’t just go like I expect them to,I know I’ve been saying so much about 2017 bieng a year of so many break throughs and I still believe that but today I realized I needed to be strong to be able to face all the challenges that will come as well,I believe in every thing we do there are certain things we must have to deal with and if we don’t handle them they will deal with us,so what’s it gonna be?are you gonna run from your hard times or will you stand strong,face them and overcome?img_6023img_6018IMG_6019.JPGThis photos were taken at the Durban Hotels and suites(bush bar section),close to sigma pension,wuse,Abuja.

Be strong!!Stay strong,It’s a tough world!!


10 thoughts on “Extras||Strong like Bamboo

  1. yea it’s important we plan ahead of time, even God Himself instructed us in d book Habakkuk 2:2 to write them down, that’s show how vital it is to plan (He who fail to plan ends anyhow) Kudos Boy


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