Starting the year in Style

How are you doing pal?hope your year is going okay?well I’ve gotten a hang of it already and I’m glad to be writing my first style editorial.img_5632img_5642So I payed a visit to the beautiful Jabi lake in Abuja with my photographer friend @Adams_holmes and I felt why not I just dress up and do a shoot,well I didn’t exactly dress to fit the occasion but I just pretended like I didn’t get the memo.So I wore this self made shirt I collaborated with my designer friend @itz_gaddafi to make in 2015,yea i never styled it until here ,so i paired it with blue pants to fit the details on the shirt and brogues(the only ones I own)and a fedora as a last item .It worked didn’t it.img_5625IMG_5575.JPGIMG_5684.JPGI plan to still visit Jabi lake sometime soon ,maybe cos no one will bother you when your  taking  pictures.

let me know what you think of this round neck shirt inspired by @kimonocollections.Have you been to Jabi lake in Abuja?what was your experience like ?img_5683Thanks for reading my first style post in 2017 .Bye!!


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