Tips||My Capsule wardrobe experience

As a 21st century man who wants to keep it simple and stylish and from a minimalist stand point,I must say that from the word go a capsule wardrobe has always been a life saver for me.The first time I came across the  “Capsule wardrobe”idea was last year,when I just started blogging,i came across an article by cassiedaves ( she talked about making the best out of a small collection of items so I quickly did my own research and read all about the it then decided to create my own and up till this minute I still work with a capsule wardrobe.I’m going to be sharing my own Capsule wardrobe experience with you so let’s get to it now shall we?

First you must understand the essence of the capsule wardrobe,you must figure out why you even need it at all ,for me it is because I always do the last minute thing so creating it saves me from looking a mess and also considering the fact that I’m also a minimalist.IMG_5891.JPG

step 1:The first thing I had to do was to clean out my closet,this is literally taking out every single thing out ,you will be surprised at the things you will  find,things you might never wear ,things that are out of size,things that need to be repaired and what not.IMG_20161209_115453.jpg

step 2:The next thing to do is figure out your color choices or preferences ,a color palette is a better way to put it,my own colors were blue,olive green,Grey white and some black too,I had no particular order.this step helps you to know what colors you wear the most.IMG_20161211_072521.jpg


IMG_20161122_230336.jpgstep 3:After sorting out according to colors you sort out prints,stripes,denim shirts,long sleeves,tee shirts,pants,shorts,jackets depending on what you own but still maintaining your color palette,I had a few jackets to work with in my capsule wardrobe since I’m more of a casual person than dapper so you won’t find more than two blazer jackets in my wardrobe.IMG_5903.JPG

Step 4:I tag  this step as “the extras”we always need the extras,they are those things we use to jazz up the entire look,they give an outfit that last touch of class ,they are :Ties,fedora hats,base ball hats,happy socks,pocket squares and also the shoes,especially the shoes,all individual have the different things they consider as extras tho.IMG_5898.JPGIMG_5899.JPG

By the time you have completed all 4 steps you would have achieved 4 things :

1)you would have organized your wardrobe already,everything will be neat and tidy

2)you will be able to figure out how the  different items could be paired in different ways for different occasions without having to be a repeat offender.

3)you will see the few things you need to add to your collection and the things you might have to take out of the wardrobe.

4)finally you would have figured out what your personal style is and you will be able to pull off any outfit in little or no  time,so you could slay even in last minutes.

Lastly ,I think every man should have a capsule wardrobe since you don’t get to own piles of cloths like the women so create your own Capsule wardrobe today.

Have you ever tried the capsule wardrobe formula?Do you think men need this more than women?

let me know what you think.and pls share this post by clicking d icons below (Facebook,twitter and Google +).



18 thoughts on “Tips||My Capsule wardrobe experience

  1. Definitely going to try this. As arranged as my wardrobe is, it’s still such mess. Going to start with figuring out my colour palette for this season.


  2. I gleaned very practical insights from this… for me… for my Hubby too. I would make sure my kid bro subscribes to your blog.
    Thank you!


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