style||Going colourful with the vintage shirt

It’s the 7th day of Christmas and I’m here with another style post ,it’s been long since I had style posts  following each other back to back right?Well a little about my week:I’ve been really busy with the “December plans and 2017 plans”both for my career and this blog as well,not like blogging is not a part of my profile ,infact I think blogging is one of the things that give my life a meaning,just sitting and creating content makes me happy even though I sometimes loose it but God has been faithful.img_3623

A vintage shirt,this shirt has been a major staple in my wardrobe,it has never made an appearance here but trust me I’ve worn it so many times but this was the first time was pairing it like this,bieng a vintage person as you all are aware I once had up to 10 Vintage shirts but the crave for it by so many people made me to play “santa”and now I own just two.this and the one I wore here incase you missed the post.img_3655img_3747img_3634IMG_3583.JPGimg_3680styling a vintage shirt is always easy for me I must confess ,I just pick out a color from the colors on the shirt then compliment it with another color or just use the same color .so I paired the shirt with this  sea blue pants by H&M and tucked it in to give it a tidy and formal feel then I wore my blue fedora hat.The bag was not a part of plan but it worked with the brown moccasin still(they both have made some appearances here havnt they).Did notice my brown belt again?sure you did.img_3747




what are your own Vintage styling secrets?share with us a different way you could style this shirt.

EnJoy the rest of your week.Bye!!!


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