Tips||loosed Denim pants

It’s the fourth day of Christmas guys,hope you can smell Christmas too?I have a few things I would love to accomplish before Christmas too but time just seems to not be on my side at all.but let’s get to talk about the loosed Denim pants shall we?img_5273IMG_5287.JPGIMG_5281.JPGwhen ladies wear the loosed Denim pants they call them names like boy friend jeans or mommy jeans,but I have no name for I first wore this in this post Style||”Denimed and striped” if you missed it you can catch up,how I wear the loosed pants most times is with long line shirts like this one ,the loosed pants look better if the shirt is tucked in ,it all depends on the occasion so this was what I wore to the stylescenery but I used a belt and a hat but this time I just went easy on it  and I think it worked just fine especially since @zeeek took nice shorts.

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img_5310img_5305_mg_5361I’ve been asked quite a few questions like “why didn’t you slim it”and I’m like “thats the idea”it’s ok to wear tight jeans but once in a while you should get loosed.IMG_5330.JPGIMG_5350.JPGI wish you a very merry Christmas .hey what do you think of the loosed Denim pants?classy or nah?


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